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About Us


Hello. I am Sam the owner and I currently do all the sewing at Popsy and Mama but, I have big dreams to expand the business one day, for now one step at a time. I get the lucky job of choosing our designs and fabrics.  I love to sew and it has long been my dream to set up this business, now felt like the right time in my life to do it. I really hope you'll enjoy sharing the journey with me.

I also make my own tea, wrap your gorgeous orders and do all the social media updates too. I'm learning as I go and having lots of fun.


This is my little sidekick Poppy, affectionately known as Popsy.  She calls me Mama and that's how we got our business name.

Poppy helps choose the designs and names them all, we're using the names of her friends which keeps it really personal.  She loves to give me her ideas and help choose fabrics.  And of coarse she's my main model, a role which she is throwing herself into wholeheartedly!

She also loves to eat ice cream - mint choc chip or bubblegum.

She wants to say hello to everyone!