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Shop By Print for Independent Baby and Children's Clothes

We are a Berkshire based independent baby clothes store, hand making baby and children’s clothes in our bespoke prints that have been designed for fun, adventure and to spark your little one's imagination.


Choose from over 40 bespoke prints. Find the print you love, click to discover the styles available.

Handmade Children's Clothing

Tigers and Tea

Handmade babies clothing

Never Smile At A Crocodile

Handmade childrens clothing

Farthing Animals

Handmade babies clothing

Tiger Check

Handmade childrens clothes

Five Are Famous

Handmade babies clothing

Tell Me A Story

Handmade childrens clothing

Schools Out

Handmade babies clothing

Paper Dolls

Handmade childrens clothing

Wish Upon A Star

Handmade babies clothing

Woodland Friends

RGB 7 by 7 Bottled Moons.jpg

Summer Dream Jars

Summer Butterflys.jpeg

Vintage Butterflies


Lunar Garden

Summer Memories

British made baby clothes

Truly Scrumptious

British made baby clothes

Mr M's Veg Patch


There's No Such Thing

British made children's clothes

Pooh Sticks

British made baby clothes

Giant Peaches

British made children's clothes

Wonderland (Purple)

British made children's clothes

Wonderland (Green)

Handmade childrens clothing

Summer Rose Garden

Handmade babies clothing
Handmade childrens clothing

Botanical Dragonflies

Greedy Gulls


Jar of Dreams

Jungle Book 300dpi.jpg

I'm having a break I'll be back in the Autumn



I'm having a break I'll be back in the Autumn


Windsor Gardens

An Unexpected Journey


I'm having a break I'll be back in the Winter

Potions Class


My favourite things.jpg

My Favourite Things


I'm having a break I'll be back in the Autumn

Willow Tree Friends

Mary Poppins.jpg

Cherry Tree Lane


Lost Boys Club


I'm having a break I'll be back next Spring

Yellow Brick Road


I'm having a break I'll be back in the Winter

Wilderness Explorer


When I Grow Up

Lions, Witches & Wardrobes


Land Far Far Away


Far Away Tree


Sherwood Explorer


Wild Rumpus


Do You Believe


I'll be leaving after this Summer

Hidden Key


Hunting For Bears

women who changed the world fabric.tiff

Women Who Changed World


Stary Night Hare

Men who changed the world fabric design

Men Who Changed World

Saturn Kid

Saturn Kid

abel horse pattern.tif

Kind Stranger

home sweet home fabric.jpg

Home Sweet Home

Elephant & Stork.jpg

Stork Delivery

Panda 1 - seamless fabric design.tiff

Birthday Panda 1

Panda 2 - Seamless Fabric Design.tiff

Birthday Panda 2

Panda 3 - seamless fabric design.tiff

Birthday Panda 3

Independent baby clothes store based in Berkshire

Popsy and Mama is an independent brand of baby and children’s clothes. We hand make all of our clothes in a studio in the leafy county of Berkshire. Every order is bespoke to you as you can choose the print and style you want.

We work with a variety of UK designers to design bespoke prints we think you’ll love. And, because only we own all our fabric prints you won’t find them on the high-street. Our drive is to provide you with unique choices so your little ones can wear standout clothes!

If you'd like to know anything about shopping with Popsy and Mama please contact us and we’ll be glad to help you.

Thank you for visiting our store.

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