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Childhood Tales Prints

Handmade children’s clothes in favourite and nostalgic story and fairy-tale prints

Welcome to the original home of magical story prints – Childhood Tales.
This collection is full of stunning designs to spark your little one’s imagination, whilst

reminding you of your own childhood favourite stories.

Childhood Tales was established right here at Popsy and Mama a few years ago.
Reading together is a favourite pastime of Poppy’s (my daughter) and mine and it
was these special moments that were the inspiration behind the edit.

We’ve worked with our favourite designers to bring you recognisable and much-
loved story prints for your little ones to wear while on their enchanting adventures.


All designs can be handmade into our styles for babies and children up to the age of
10, including rompers, leggings, girl’s dresses, dungarees, jumpers and much more.


We hope you enjoy our Childhood Tales collection as much as we do.

Babies Clothing Boutique
Babies Clothing Boutique

Always a King or Queen

Silver Tongue

Children's Clothing Boutique

Winter's Child

Babies Clothing Boutique

Winter Magic

Children's Clothing Boutique


Babies Clothing Boutique

Christmas Post

Babies Clothing Boutique

Pick A Pine Tree

Babies Clothing Boutique
Children's Clothing Boutique

The Moon Told Me So

The Train To The North Pole

Secrets and Chambers

Secrets and Chambers

Philly Stone

Philly Stone


Lost Boys Club

Peter Pan (1).jpg

Never Smile At A Crocodile

Harry Potter Summer.jpg

Schools Out

There's No Such Thing

Tiger Who Came To Tea.jpg

Tigers and Tea


Willow Tree Friends

Windsor Gardens

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