“A wise bear always keeps a marmalade sandwich in his hat in case of emergency...”


An exclusive fabric design to Popsy and Mama, Windsor Gardens is drop into the world of marmalade sandwiches, London's landmarks and all things loved in childhood (young and not so young)  designed perfectly by Soph and Sammie at Deedy Designs.


You can choose from any exclusive fabrics or stocked fabric (see collection for all the choices)


  • Blanket - 100 x 70/80 cm (approx measurements)
  • Large Comforter - 50 x 50 cm (approx measurements)
  • Comforter - 25 x 25 cm (approx measurements)


Exclusive Fabric: 92% cotton, 8% lycra.


** please note the fabric colours may differ slightly from the original artwork due to the printing process and effect of digital image display on different devices **

Windsor Gardens - Blankets and Comforters

  • All our items are handmade to order, as such we are unable to offer returns.

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