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Winter Dresses for Girls

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Popsy and Mama's collection of winter dresses, plus tips for keeping your little people warm.

The weather is extremely cold at the moment and I'm struggling to know what to dress Poppy in to make sure she's warm.

I love Poppy in dresses, however I don't always find they're the warmest of items. I mean, when it's cold outside I automatically reach for my jeans and fluffiest jumper. Not my prettiest dress!

When I created Popsy and Mama's winter dresses I wanted to make sure they were cold-proof so your little people could be comfortable in them - yet stylish at the same time.

With a few more cold months coming our way, I thought it might be helpful to share my top tips for keeping your little people warm in their dresses this winter. Here they are...

Look for cosy fabrics

Cosy fabrics are a must to keep little bodies, arms and legs warm in the winter. That's why, the Knitted Chunky Corduroy Jersey instantly caught my eye when I was shopping for winter fabrics. It's extremely soft to touch, has a very cosy feel and looks beautiful in many colours.

I personally love the Knitted Chunky Corduroy Jersey in Popsy and Mama's Long Sleeve Dress. However, it also works well made into the Button-Up Romper and Dungarees.

Long Sleeve Dress and Button-Up Romper in Knitted Chunky Corduroy Jersey fabric

Dresses with long sleeves

Long sleeves are a must in the winter. My short sleeved tops and dresses in my wardrobe don't get a look in when it's cold! That's why I've made sure Popsy and Mama offers a Long Sleeve Dress for the chillier months. The beauty of this style is it looks great in all prints. It's so versatile! You can even throw a cardigan over the top for some extra warmth for your little person.

Long Sleeve Dress in Blue Delilah Deer and Animal Safari Tumble prints

Lots of layering

I've recently learnt a new trick for making sleeveless dresses warmer - layering. Plain or printed long sleeve tops, jumpers, and cardigans underneath dresses not only look cute, but allow more styles of dresses to be worn all year round. So, why not get your little one's sleeveless dresses out of the wardrobe and restyle them with a long sleeve top for a different look!

Wear the jersey and woven Pinafore Dress with a warm long sleeve top underneath

Wear leggings underneath dresses

"Leggings underneath a dress?" I hear you say! Yes, leggings underneath dresses actually look very cute and stylish. Leggings also tend to be thicker than tights so will keep your little one's legs even warmer when it's chilly outside. Throw on some thick cosy socks too and your little person will be ready to go and explore!

Wear Plain and Printed Leggings underneath long sleeved dresses

Warm accessories

Finally, add extra warmth to dresses by accessorising them with cosy scarves, headbands and snoods. I've always found Poppy loves wearing extra accessories if they have fun patterns on them. Snoods are perfect for little people too as they don't keep falling off and are easy to pull on.

Snoods in Pink Rainbows and Acorn Tracks fabric

If you'd like any more tips or advice when shopping with Popsy and Mama, do get in touch, I'd love to help.

Stay warm!

Sam x

P.S A big thanks to @life_with_louis_and_lady @1mama_2littlehumans @teesy_and_see and @theadventuresoftillyandco for their gorgeous photos used in this post.

If you'd like to see more of my Winter Collection you can view more of the range here.

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