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What to Wear: 5 of our favourite high street shops to pair with

We recently did an edit where we listed 5 of our favourite small business brand to pair our makes with! I thought it would be good to look at high street options too.

Hi! Happy Friday!

It's been a busy week here getting through lots of orders. The coats are making their way to their new homes, the Insiders boxes are in process, we had a slight delay due to fabric delays, I promise there are some lovely things to be found inside, totally worth the wait!

The Halloween pre orders are underway too. Its definitely all systems go go go.

We have a couple of exciting things coming up, including a Christmas pre order (operating like the Halloween one) and a new birthday print. We are excited to share more with you very soon.

This week blog is all about the top 5 high street shops to pick up pairing for. We of course love the small businesses and totally love supporting other businesses but we realise sometimes a quick pick up is needed,

Have a lovely weekend

Sammie and Soph x


5 high street shops to pair your Popsy and Mama makes with.

Five of our favourite high street shops to buy co-ords from. This week we are looking at the high street, there are literally hundreds to explore but these seem to be the most popular go to's.

Compass Cooks founders
Popsy & Mama Summer 22 Leggings paired with high street

1. Zara

Perhaps the most popular high street retailer to pair your Popsy and Mama makes with. Zara cater for everyone from accessories to clothing, their sizing is pretty good and the products tend to wear really well. They have a really good basic range too perfect for layering.

2. H&M

We love the sustainability of H&M Did you know that you can take a bag of old clothes into the store and they will give you credit towards a purchase instore. We think that's a fabulous idea. They have stunning finds too and if you become a member you can earn rewards like vouchers and discounts too.

3. Next

You can't go wrong at next especially if you can stock up in one of the infamous sales. We really love that they have other brands that you can access there too. It really has become an amazing platform that it easy to shop at. While they do have some fabulous designs of their own the basic range it great for small business pair

4. Marks and Spencer's

I think this might be the longest standing brand to include M&S they are timeless and on trend. Quality is something that they show with there products. Sometimes instore the product range is limited but online they offer lots of options and a really easy click and collect system too.

5. Lindex

Ok you got me, yes this one isn't a shop you can walk into here! But hey you might be able to in Scandinavia! If you are ever in Denmark or Sweden let me know. It would be silly to leave Lindex off the list, they have some fabulous product at really affordable prices.

One Last Thing

September 22nd is Hobbit day. How cool is that. J.R.R Tolkien is one of my favourite go to's the beauty in the writing is truly magical. So Happy Hobbit Day! "remember the wise speak only of what they know".

Popsy & Mama "Unexpected Journey" Design

I hope you have an amazing weekend and enjoy the family time to come. Remember its important to take time for yourself and the family time is one of the best medicines for the soul. In the grand scheme of things we get less than 2 decades with our littles before they are 'adults' so savour every moment how you want and make those memories.


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