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Sunshine on my mind: A sun safety guide

June is officially the month of summer and with it all the summer fun that childhood is made of. We know how much each and every one of you treasures your handmade makes. This weeks blog is going to cover all the tips for being safe on all your adventures.

Positive Wellbeing Zine for Mums
Little Frank having some fun in the sun

Hey Everyone,

This week has been full of adventures for Sammie exploring West Wales, she's definitely taken full advantage of a half term week not in lockdown.

Soph our rep has been picking up the blogging mantel for us recently and is taking on a regular blog for us, which we are so delighted about! She's popping by this week to share with you some tips on keeping safe in the sun with a little guide to sun safety. We are also going to look at protecting all the beautiful clothing you have and how to accessorise for the summer fun we all deserve.

We hope you enjoy our little guide to safe summer fun.

Take care,

Sammie and Soph x


Sun Safe Tips For Summer time Fun.

We all know the importance of keeping safe in the sun. We are going to share with you the research we have done into sun creams, stain removal and how to look super cool and stay safe in your summer Popsy & Mama outfits.

Some summer essentials for days out

What's the deal with Sunscreens?

Ok so I definitely used to have a love hate relationship with all the creams, lotions and potions. It got to the point where I'd only put darks colours on Poppy in the summer or in clothes I didn't mind getting ruined, certainly nothing lovingly handmade. But we buy handmade for the love of the designs, the styles, the uniqueness and of course the quality that has gone into making them, We certainly shouldn't have to avoid reaching for handmade clothes just because we need to put protection on our littles.

Every single one of our littles is unique and although skin types can be categorised only you will know what's right for your child. What I can share with you are things to look out for. Some sunscreens contain the ingredient avobenzone, this is actually the ingredient that can cause the stains on clothing. Look out for creams that don't have this in them.

Did you know that every year 14,000 tons of sunscreen ends up in the coral reef areas of our oceans. Scientists have found that sunscreens containing oxybenzone and octinoxate are actually harmful to aquatic life. A mineral sunscreen is a great place to start and although the price tags are a little higher on them they are definitely a good all rounder.

Best eco-friendly Options

No Sunscreen is going to offer all day protection and certainly cannot be 100% water resistant. Reapply after towel drying and remember even on a cloudy day 80% of the suns rays penetrate cloud coverage.

  • Toddle - Is a sun and wind balm that is suitable for sensitive skin, its a vegan friendly product that smells amazing. We actually use this. It's often hard to capture in photos but we have a little with bad eczema. We put this on the other day and they told us that it was making the patches less itchy, it's now called the magic cream.

  • Tropic - This it a chemical and mineral hybrid that has been given the all important protect the land and sea certification. It also smells incredible with vanilla and coconut notes. We've linked you to our very own Nadine who can help sort this for you.

  • Alba Botanica Kids - This is fast absorbing and includes natural ingredients that soften the skin while offering full protection.

Eco-friendly sunscreens
Hats and Hydration

I'm terrible at this for myself. Then I wonder why I get sunstroke.

Keeping hydrated is definitely an important one. I mean drinks are easy to grab when you are out and about but it can't hurt to take one with you. Also we invested in some reusable straws to take with us. We love that places don't have plastic straw now but the paper ones aren't great if you take your time with your drink. The metal ones have been fabulous and really do minimalize waste for us.

This year I'm definitely investing in a hat for myself. Got to set that example, right?

I do love the pairing that I see from you all with your summer hats from bucket hats to straw hats, getting our littles to keep then on is the challenge isn't it? It's definitely a super important accessory to have on a sunny day.

Below are a couple of examples of some fabulous hats that go with all outfits, some of the best places to look are Zara, H&M, Kidly and Tu clothing.

Shoes and Shades

If your littles are anything like mine, running around barefoot is something they love. I mean I love it too, my little tootsies love the freedom (especially when I loose the socks and sandals look I sport in the cooler months) how annoying is it though when you get caught out and you are hopping from shady patch to shady patch because the ground is too hot? We have ALL been there I'm sure of it. Jelly shoes and sandals are perfect for providing freedom, support and protection to our feet.

Flip flops are a good option too but if you wear them to the beach please be mindful that it is estimated that 90 tons of flip flops end up in the ocean. I think this is a crazy number and I'm sure there are probably more weird and wonderful things that find there way to the seas, but flip flops baffle me a little, I mean someone went out with shoes on and returned with none?

Let's talk sunglasses, what a fabulous accessory they are protecting delicate eyes from the UV rays. I've seen some really cool glasses around recently and there is definitely a style suited to all, Bonus the colour options are just amazing too.

If in doubt Ecover it out

I'm sure many of you will agree that Ecover stain remover is a really fabulous product to have on hand. The ingredients are not harsh so do not fade the vibrancy of handmade items. It comes with a handy brush to work out stubborn stains. I've not tried this with sunscreen stains yet but it does work wonders for most stains we have come across. The trick is to soak the clothing first and then work this in while its wet, some reps have advised that working it in with a toothbrush is a good hack.

I'm definitely stocking up for the summer then I don't have to worry about ice cream accidents or grass stain patches.

What's in Our Bag:

I feel like we have so many essentials that we "have" to pack when we go on days out with the littles. I have a handy list of things I included in the bag.

  • Sunscreen

  • Hat

  • Lightweight blanket (for a cover up if needed)

  • Water

  • Pocket squash

  • Reusable straws

  • Lip balm with SPF

  • Sunglasses

  • Wet Wipes

  • Hand Sanitiser

  • Plasters

I hope you found this information useful and enjoyed our top tips for sun safety in handmade clothing. Remember Mamas its not just about the littles you need to look after yourselves too. Don't forget we are celebrating the sun this week with double points on our pre-made drop until Sunday.

We will have some exciting things to share this month. Including the reveal of the Popsy's Insiders box. There might even be 2 reveals of the super spooktacular special we have as a seasonal drop.

We'll leave that there for now, we hope you all have a magical week ahead.

Sammie and Soph x



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