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Spring has Sprung at Popsy and Mama

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Spring is in full swing here at P&M HQ we’ve hung up our helper hats and headed back to the studio getting everything ready for the spring launch.

Happy Friday Friends,

This week we released our spring collection. In case you missed it you'll find an overview in this weeks blog.

This week we are bringing you our early spring outfits, perfect for the changing weather and outdoor adventures, the longer days certainly make it better don’t they?

We have had some offers running throughout January to help you beat those January blues! Didn’t it feel like the longest January ever? We have made good progress with this and the makes should be on the way to their new homes very soon.

So sit back put your feet up and read our springtime outfits blog.

Have a lovely weekend

Sammie and Soph x


Step into Spring in style with our new collection.

We have being working hard behind the seasons to bring you an amazing spring collection. With the addition of nine new designs to add to your wardrobe we hope you will love the collection as much as we do.

Compass Cooks founders
Tilly wearing ‘Borrowed from Beans’

One Sunday Morning

Based on the Very Hungry Caterpillar this design reminds us of the beauty of change, just like Spring shows us. the colourful details capture the story perfectly.

It’s been such a popular choice and we can see why. The book is a classic story that speaks to us all. Whether that's because you read it with your littles or it takes you back to your own childhood it definitely sparks the childhood wonder.

We think the styling possibilities with this one are endless from basic colours to the colourful options there is definitely going to be something for everyone’s taste. this might be our most diverse one yet.

One Sunday Morning

Gentle and Good

This one is one of my favourite stories from my childhood. We think that this is design captures the tale beautifully, yes pun intended. Just look at the details on the black horse aren’t they incredible.

If you have become a little foggy on this story then we encourage you to revisit it. It will definitely have that feel good vibe no doubt we all need.

Lottie wearing 'Gentle and Good' Skater Girl skirt

Time Is Never Planned

We wanted to update the ever so popular Lost Boys design that you all loved so much. Peter Pan is so close to our hearts that we love featuring it! Each one we have done you have all loved so much so I hope that you love this one too.

The details up close are truly incredibly and textured are beautifully captured in this design. It's exactly how we imagined it to be.

Louis wearing 'Time Is Never Planned'

Borrowed From Beans

We adore this one, now we realise that we say that a lot but we are right aren’t we? The painting and illustrations are so beautifully done. We wanted something representative of the book covers that really captures the life of the little folk.

This is one of two fabrics that we have offered as ribbed lounge sets for the season.

Tilly wears ‘Borrowed From Beans’ in a Gathered Pinnie dress

Lifted Wanted

This is one of the the most popular since opening. We think this one is going to be perfect to see through the summer months too. It’s surely impossible not to like the Snail On The Whale tale, isn’t it?

The dream of one little being and not letting their limitations define them. To thinking outside the box to turning dreams into a reality AND making friends along the way, can we be snails too? We would literally leave a sparkle wherever we went.

Roo wearing 'Lift Wanted' romper

Between Two Worlds

Are you ready for a round up? Obviously I love this trilogy but this particular one holds a special place in my heart. Poppy is our little blessing, she was actually born in Oxford so it will always be special to us.

We regularly take trips back to explore the city which Poppy loves and it means we create so many memories together.

Fee showing off his 'Between Two Worlds' dungarees

Spring Folk

Although the intention for this design was to have a non Childhood Tale design in the range I still look at it and see almost a folktale of spring inspiration with this one, maybe that is why I was drawn to it in the first place. This is also available in our ribbed fabric for lounge sets. Doesn't it look stunning styled with one of Beck's wonderful bonnets, Hooked By A Fin.

Navy showing off her 'Spring Folk' dungs


One for the girls or even the super confident feminists we have in little boys. I’d love to see this one on a little dude one day and break down that gender stereotype.

I’ve had some really beautiful feedback on the beauty of this Little Women inspired design. Including feedback on who the favourite woman is, me I like to pick the talent I’d most like to have.

Grace showing us the beauty of 'Sisters'

As you might know we are starting to offer co-ords for our prints. I’ve carefully select vinyls that I think match the design to off the perfect top to pair with this print.

Lily modelling our 'Sisters' co-ord tee beautifully

I Wrote To The Zoo

This might just be in the lead for the most popular spring print yet. Inspired by the amazing book Dear Zoo, I don’t think it could capture the story better if we tried.

This is another design which I think is perfect for lots of pairing options, the greens the blues the pinks Definitely something for everyone.

Franklyn having fun in 'I Wrote To The Zoo'

Mental Health week

Next week its Places2Be’s mental health week and we think it’s super important to educate the littles on mental health. With it affecting so many of us now it’s great to talk the littles through the validation of their feelings.

So we are looking for the best Dress to Express outfits out there, we want to see a mash up of your P&M makes. Share it in your stories and tag away! We can’t wait to see what you came up with.


I wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone for all the support you all give. I

am grateful for every purchase I received. I'm also grateful for ever share, like and comment across the social,

Have the best weekend you to you all


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