Small Business Support: 5 of our favourite shops to pair with

In the spirit of lifting each other up we thought we would do a small business appreciation post this week.

Hi! How are you all?

Wow! what a week its been. I had a real pinch me moment with the pop up store in Daniels Windsor these last few days. It definitely helped renew my appreciation for being behind the sewing machine.

In the spirit of supporting each other and spreading kindness and lifting each other up, this weeks blog is all about the wonderful businesses that so many of you shop at and pair our designs with.

There are so many talented makers on the gram and if we had a year we might just get through them all. For now we have chosen the most popular ones to take a look at.

Happy Shopping

Sammie and Soph x


5 Small businesses to pair your Popsy and Mama makes with.

Enjoy browsing and sorry for any unplanned purchases. Get in touch with the shops they will all be happy to put a sticker on saying you won it!

Compass Cooks founders
Poppy & Brand "No such thing" leggings and Hooked by a fin bonnets

1. Hooked By a Fin

Where to start with this one! Hooked by a Fin offer so many unique and original designs. These aren't just any old patterns purchased off Etsy to follow. Becks designs the patterns herself and has become wildly known for the beautiful collection of animal bonnets. So keep an eye out for a Gruffalo, or a roarsome tiger bonnet to pair with your Popsy. (Fun fact, did you know that roaring and purring are mutually exclusive. If a cat can do one they can’t do the other. Thank goodness I fear we'd never sleep with roaring house cats)

Hooked by a Fin Animal Bonnets

2. Sophia and the Fox

As if the range at Sophia and the Fox wasn't already incredible, you can actually chose to have a design custom made, making it completely unique and personal to you. The tops are super soft and such gorgeous colours. The designs are textured and I mean who doesn't love a bit of texture!

Wild Thing Sophia and the Fox top

3. Little Beasties

I hope you will all agree that here at Popsy and Mama we are inspired by magic. It’s no surprise that we are drawn to the magic over at Little Beasties. It does help that we have some popular stunning designs by Sarah too so naturally we are able to pair the products nicely.

Little Beasties Slouch Tee
4. Turtle Dove

It's much harder to find a business to get bottoms from! I think leggings and dungarees used to be one of the most popular styles because it so easy to pair it with some stunning small business makes. Turtle Dove London offer some gorgeous pairings from top to bottom (literally)

One of the pleasures for me is I get to see littles grow through my collections and something that I have noticed is how popular tops are for the older ones. Definitely check out this brand for some pairings.

Turtle Dove London Shorts

5. Child of the Wild

This one is such a popular one. The colour palette is stunning and will go with the majority of designs. As a wholesaler Child of the Wild have a huge variety that they can offer from bottoms to cardigans and lets not forget accessories, bibs, glasses and hats.

Child of the Wild sun hat

We hope you have a magical bank holiday and enjoy the last few days of the summer break. School will be starting before we know it. We want to wish all the littles starting school the very best and hope that they enjoy every minute of it.

We truly do believe in the power of supporting others, we should all be lifting each other up especially during what seems the toughest times we've had to face.

A BIG thank you to you all for your support, love and encouragement! You guys are the reason I can follow my dreams and YOU make it all possible!


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