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Self Care: 7 Pillars of self care

Self care is often at the bottom of our to do lists. As most of us do something that's always more of a priority to us. It is recognised that there are 7 pillars to self care, we are here to share them and some best practices to maintain each one.

Hi! Happy Friday!

It's been a busy week here we've been to the Shop Small Event which was fabulous, it was really amazing seeing small business supporting each other and finally meeting so many people I message with face to face was good for the soul and maintaining one of those all important self care pillars (more on that to follow).

We are coming up to the time of year that we all put so much pressure on ourselves. Guilty as charged over here. We've got a list of things to do as long as Father Christmas' nice list and we're definitely feeling the pressure to get it all done.

This week blog is all the 7 pillars, yes 7 of self care and some ideas to help maintain them for YOUR well being.

Have a lovely weekend

Sammie and Soph x


7 Pillars of self care: what are they and how you maintain them.

Seven seems like a lot we hear you saying. How is it possible to nourish 7 aspects of self care and do everything else you have to do? Have no fear we have you covered.

Compass Cooks founders
Sleeping Beauty's Social Pillar

What are the Pillars?

It is said that there are 7 pillar to self care. It's important to realise that we are not saying that all 7 need to be part of your daily routine or even your weekly routine. What we are saying that at different stages YOU will be able to recognises which one needs a little maintenance to help support you in being your best self.

  1. Mental

  2. Emotional

  3. Physical

  4. Environmental

  5. Spiritual

  6. Recreational

  7. Social

Before we go any further can you already recognise any of your pillars that might need attention? Keep reading we will explain the pillars in a little more detail with some little tips on how to maintain them.

1. Mental
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No we aren't calling you all nutty. Mental self care is all about mindfulness and curiosity it focuses on reducing stress and enhancing your knowledge. We all know that mental health is a huge talking point and it's no longer such a taboo. We've all been told ways to improve our mental health, we're sure like many of us you can't find the time to practice one of the tips let along multiple ideas. It's important that if this pillar of yours needs a little love then you give it to it.

Writing a journal - this is a one of the bigger commitments to nourish your metal pillar. If you are going to commit to this, then you need to COMMIT. consistency is key. There are different types of journals though, you can write one, mind map one, doddle, bullet journals are a creative and fun.

My Dream Life Journal - Paperchase £9.99

The 6 minute success journal - Amazon £19.90

Write to Me - a collection of different journal ideas

Brush lettering pens - Amazon £3.99

Meditating - this is a good one, its not about sitting crossed legged and humming. It's about training your mind to focus on the present, not what's happened in the past or all the things you have to do but to be completely present in the moment and giving you mind time to relax. This can be for as little as 5 minutes.

Meditation Course

Perhaps the hardest one taking a break from technology and the internet. We live in a world of portal handheld technology. try and take a nature walk without your phone or a camera just the family immersing themselves together.


Listen to your heart, this is exactly what we mean with this one. It's important to maintain this pillar with healthy coping techniques, it will allow you to to better understand yourself and allow you to handle challenges with the right emotional response.

This is quite literally about finding the little things that warm your heart.

Watch a deep movie - a great way to relax and open up all the emotions, we bet you already have one that gets you heart all a flutter.

Some suggestions are:

Life of Pi

Good Will Hunting

About Time

Forrest Gump

Seven Pounds

Pursuit of Happiness

Listen to your favourite Song - Better yet create a playlist of songs that mean something to you, our playlist includes the number 1 when our dog and son were born and our wedding music.

Write down positive affirmations - Possibly one that most of you will struggle with but we'd really encourage you to give this a go. Reflect on your best qualities.

3. Physical

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I recently started a weight loss journey and I feel better for shifting a few pounds. The physical pillar relates to exercise, nutrition, good hygiene and a good nights sleep. even if you cant fit in the exercise definitely take time for a bubble bath or getting a good nights sleep.

Drink Water - Boring I know but it is one of the best things you can do for your physical well being.

Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep a night - there is actually an old wives tale that suggests you will feel better for sleeping for an even number of hours.

Lush Deep Sleep Bath Bomb - £5.95

Dream Pillow Spray - £7.00

Tropic Skincare With Nadine - a collection of amazing products for all needs

4. Environmental
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This one is all about taking care of the space around you. Does something need decluttering (guilt, my whole house does)? We are not talking big projects but taking care of you immediate surroundings will help you with a sense of belonging. It's not all about the home you create in the 4 walls you have, perhaps there is somewhere in your town that you haven't explored before. Maybe you need to engage your 5 senses.

Arrange your Space - Feng Shui is an ancient practice for creating an environment for harmonious living. its not just about organising its about the natural element drawing a sense of calm and contentment.

Explore somewhere new - This one needs to be a local place in your town to enable that sense of belonging. I'm sure there is somewhere in your town that you haven't explored yet,

5. Spiritual

When we talk about spirituality we look for ways to nourish the soul. It's such a common thing to say "its good for the soul" but is it really. You need to think about what gives you a sense of purpose or meaning to your life.

Spending time in nature - honestly this is one of our favourite things. We love to take time to appreciate our surroundings the realisation of our place in the circle of life gives our life meaning.

Tarot Card Reading - We know, we know this one is out the and there will be non believers that won't see this as good for the soul and that's okay. There will be other things that appeal to you. Having had this done myself honestly it blew my mind. How someone can be that tuned into my spiritually is just incredible to me. If you want to know more send me a message Id be happy to answer questions.

Connecting to a higher power - No we're not telling you who or what to believe but rather to try believing in what this means to you. Belief is everything and one of the most powerful and fulfilling things you can have.

Volunteering - You will have something that's important to you a cause that by helping will give you a sense of purpose and fulfilment.

6. Recreational
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This is all about the inner child. We all have one don't we? We certainly do and we'll happily admit that she probably gets most of my attention regarding the pillars. As parents we know that we like to encourage our littles to try new things, there is no reason why we as adults shouldn't too!

Take times for Hobbies - Maybe you have one that you already do? Or maybe you should try something new. Why not try painting (art takes many forms) or candle making. Resin is a new upcoming craft that is so fun. Maybe you have a hobby like photography that you should try getting creative with maybe try picking a colour palette and take snaps of things around you that match the tones you chose to work with.

DO NOTHING - This is harder than it sounds but something we completely agree helps to recharge. In order for this to be a success you need to have trained that brain to be present and not pick apart the past or frantically plan the future.

Change your Routine - Fret not guys, we know routine is super important and something most of us strive on but changing up every now and them can massively help with your pillars standing strong.

7. Social
Rep team meet up

We're going to drop the C bomb! Covid is not something we mention lightly. There are so many opinions and concerns around this awful virus, the impacts on us all along is enough to crumble one of the pillars to the ground. Yes things are a little more normal (we can hug now!) but we are still a long way off being social. It has a lot to answer for in the maintenance of this particular pillar. We can honestly say we're still not the social butterflies we once were. We'll get there but its definitely a pillar we need to work on!

Spend time with Friends - this can be as simple as going for a walk or sitting for a hot drink (or a glass of Gin, or two) Its about spending time with the people whose company YOU enjoy.

Call or see a relative - How magical are those moments when you get a warm fuzzing feeling at seeing your loved ones. I know calling isn't the same but if there is a distance the its definitely the next best thing.

Write a Letter - You got it we are talking pen pal style. Some of you might not know what a pen pal is. Before we had little handle help life organiser making things simple for us you used to have to write and post a letter to a friend to keep in tough. I had a few friends I'd made on holiday and I loved writing to them to keep in touch.

that concludes this weeks blog I hope you enjoyed the read. Most importantly I hope it helped you identify which of your pillars needs a little TLC. Take 5 Mins for yourself today to focus on what pillar need the most attention to keep you being your best self.


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