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Present Ideas for this Christmas: Gift Guide 2021

He's making a list and checking it twice but what is on all the good children's lists this year?

Happy Friday, there is just eight Friday's left until the big man comes and visits us all! I'm sorry if I've sent you into panic mode, there's nothing worse than people telling you how they've finished their Christmas shopping when you've not even started.

If it makes you feel any better, I'm very last minute when it comes to Christmas shopping. there is always offers on so close to Christmas that I cant resist!

Now I know we have some BIG small shop supports amongst us and nine time out of ten times there will be something small business to pair with that bigger brand items.

I've compiled a list of some of the most popular asks from our littles.

Take lots of care,

Sammie x

Christmas Wishlist Idea

From the desk of the Father Christmas this years top requests

1. Bikes & Scooters

I love that there are so many different choices of bikes and scooters, there is something for all ages now, for the younger ones a balance bike seems to be the number one choice. I can see why they are a great way to encourage core balance.

There is something for all littles from vintage retro bikes to those beloved characters that they all love so much.

If a bikes not on the list then maybe a scooter is. Micro Scooters is a well know brand but there are plenty of others out there and some really cool vintage looking ones too. We fount that the 3 wheeled micro scooter was perfect around the age of 2 and it really helped speed up our walks!

2. Collectables

This really refers to so many things from Sylvania families (forever a classic) to all the superheroes merchandise your little ones could dream up. If your littles are like some of our Reps Pokémon is a big one too.

All these kind of this are a great way to have imaginative play with your littles. They create hours of fun while they are bringing their imagination to life.

If you want to get the started early with the marvel collection Shop Disney do a fantastic Toy box range which are less expensive and a little more robust.

The great thing with this ask is they items tend to be less bulky so are much easier to store

3. Dress up & Role Play

I think there is a strong chance that Poppy has been every princess and tradesman going. She particularly likes playing schools at the moment, of course she's the teacher.

Whether its a professional person, and everyday hero, or superheroes and Princesses you cannot go wrong adding to the fancy dress stash! Lots of the supermarkets now offer role play costumes year round too.

4. Lego

Well is any wish list to Father C complete without some lego? This is another one that has evolved with time. There is something now for all ages and it really helps the littles ones fine motor skills.

If lego is on the list though make sure you have some nice thick soled slippers on the list for yourself! Is there anything more painful than stepping on lego bricks?

The Harry Potter lego sets were high on the list this year and Aldi have had some really fantastic prices on so of the lines.

5.Stocking Fillers

No I'm not just talking about oranges! Stockings are becoming more significant I find in ore recent years and while all major retailer will conveniently placed many low cost possibilities in the checkout queues there are other options out there!

2 great place to look online for some ideas is Rex London, they have a great mixture or items at fabulous price points too. The other is toys for a pound. We have used them for party bags in the past.

One of the most importance things I want you to remember though is to not put too much pressure on yourselves for what others do at Christmas.

I've heard of so many different family traditions that is ok to run things how you want. Remember YOU are the guardians of your family, YOU bring the magic the way ONLY YOU can do and that is enough!

If you'd like to share more fabulous small shop ideas, please leave a comment below.

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