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Popsy's Reading Corner

Story time is such a precious time in our routines. There are so many fabulous stories out there. We thought we'd give you some tips on holding your very own book reviews with your littles.

storybook ideas for children
Take a stroll through 100 acres woods

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? Waiting for the sunshine?

Anyone else wondering where the first half of the year has gone? I cant believe that we are going to be show casing you our Autumn collection very soon! I have to admit that it seem crazy to talk autumn when I don't think we have had a summer yet.

We've got some amazing stories and rhythms in Autumn, I wonder if anyone can guess what we might have up coming?

Todays blog really is just to show case the love we have for reading, after all they have inspired the direction the brand has taken.

So sit back with a cuppa and take a look at what's in store this week!

Take care you lovely lot.

Sam x

Bringing Stories to life

Stories that inspired the brand

Each print that we release has a lot of thought behind it. When I was younger I was always with my nose in a book. A lot of the designs that I've added to the collection are from stories that hold a special place in my heart, whether that's from my childhood or from the magical moments spent with Pops. I just love the land you enter when reading. It not only inspirers imagination but its sets the backdrop of our dreams.

Our top selling Windsor Garden Design

Role Play

So may stories can inspire role play activities. Tigers & Tea from our summer collection has been a popular one, there are so many fun things to do with this activity. Including Dancing around to Robbie Williams. Some really fun ideas are an afternoon tea picnic, face painting and of course acting out the pages of the book the print was inspired by! 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' By Judith Kerr

Here is out brand rep Jesse enjoying acting out the story while he reads the book. We do love the use of the eco friendly wooden toys too. The have an amazing collection of bright colourful wooden cakes that you could use to to bring the story to life.

Tigers & Tea Role Play with Jesse

Dress up is another way to get lost in the pages of a story and that's not just for the littles! We adore seeing parents get involved to. We even have our very own Popsy and Mama Perfect Nannie to take you on a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious journey through the story while enjoying the beautiful design that is Cherry tree lane.

Outdoor Adventures

Julia Donaldson's books are very popular with young readers and the Gruffalo has become such a big part of woodland adventures that some places even have a trail for you to look for the Gruffalo himself! You can also get a stunning collection of wooden toys to take on your adventure. Try hiding them on your walk and letting you littles find them in there homes like in the book. There are so many ways to live amongst the pages of a story. You can Shop the collection of wooden Gruffalo toys here.

Inspiring Dreams

Life can get so busy cant it, whether you are working or running your house hold co-parenting or going solo those precious moments when you can pause it all and get lost in a book with your darlings are moments that will last a lifetime. These are the moments that inspired the addition of Popsy and Mama Homeware to the range.

Just For Fun

To finish off our reading corner blog this week we thought it would be a fun activity for you to do a book review with your littles. We have attached a document that you are free to use if you wish. We think there will be some really funny answers from the little ones that it will brighten our days in place of that shy ball of fire that's currently flaking out on the task. We would absolutely love to see what your little darlings come up with so please do share their reviews with us over on our social media pages to bright our day.

popsy Book
Download PDF • 4.45MB

Thanks for stopping by and joining us this week on tips on how to bring so stories to life. We hope you have a wonderful weekend as you prepare for the summer holidays. Some books to help keep you entertained for 6 weeks are below.

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If you're looking for things to entertain the little ones over the Christmas break, why not try some of these ideas here:

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