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Popsy and Mama summer wardrobe styling ideas

Updated: May 20, 2021

Wondering what to pair your new Popsy and Mama Summer Collection orders with? Here are some ideas to help...

Popsy and Mama Summer Styling Ideas

Happy Friday! I hope you have all managed to enjoy some sunshine?

It's been a topsy turvy kind of week this week, I am thankful it Friday that's for sure. If one thing could go wrong it did! Thankfully its all stuff that can be resolved BUT the sun is shining and we have all had some fabulous news haven't we? From Monday we are one step closer to pulling through this pandemic, I'm definitely looking forward to some hugs from my friends and family. We might even have a special announcement of our own on Monday to share with you all, I wonder what it could be?

Thank you for your wonderful Summer orders

A huge big thank you for your Summer orders. As always I'm blown away by your love for the new collection. We changed things up a little with this seasonal launch. Its become apparent that the love for the childhood tale prints is so strong, that this is going to be a collection focus moving forward. We will still have a small core seasonal collection to offer you all too. I still have the support of some fabulous people around me, so this is keeping turnaround down to as little as 2 weeks currently, if we do happen to have an early summer again I've got you covered.

Summer styling ideas

As Summer orders have started making their way to you all, I thought I'd drop some summer styling ideas in your inbox. Its always a big topic of conversation amongst the reps and we do usually get a good selection of both high street brands and other small businesses in the discussion.

So, my reps and I have had a good brainstorm of styling ideas to give you inspiration, or lets face it an excuse to shop for that perfect Popsy and Mama summer outfit.

As always I love seeing all your littles in our makes. Please do tag us in all your beautiful photos @popsyandmama and #popsyandmama when you get your order. I'd love to see what you all style the new summer collection with.

Have a fabulous weekend,

Love Sam x


Summer Outfit Ideas

Looking for Beasties

Is it even summer if you don't go looking for minibeasts? So much wonder to find through the looking glass. It's a great outdoor activity with so much to learn about, 27,000 species of insects in the UK to be exact. With that said whose up for a challenge? I joke of course that is a lot of beasties to collect! Popsy and Mama's "vintage butterflies" dungarees are a must-have print for minibeast seekers.

Get the look:

Popsy and Mama Dungarees in "Vintage Butterflies" print

Summer Outings

I don't know about you but summer always encourages me to get out and do more. I think this year especially is going to be packed with fun outings, because lets face it we've missed a year. Lots of classic days out for us include visits to National Trust sites, we do love a garden walk and they are all so different. This gorgeous photo of our Brand Rep Izzy is beautifully showcasing our "Luna Garden" Dress with a cosy bespoke cardigan (don't worry we've got you covered for a similar option) and floppy straw hat, doing what she loves best and exploring the beautiful world around her. All the summertime vibes!

Get the look:

Woodland Walks

I've always admired the beauty of the woods. The way the light shines amongst the trees while you enjoy a stroll under the canopy of the leaves, it's just perfection. I didn't think any childhood tales edit would be complete without the much loved animals of farthing woods being included. I think the story was beautifully captured in our "Farthing Animals" print. It has so many colours in, that it pairs beautifully with so much. So far from the photos we've seen it looks like the green tones are a popular pairing.

Get the look:

Spring styling ideas for kids

Relaxing Days

Sometimes we all need to remember to stop and smell the flowers don't we? I think we all need to remember to slow down once in a while. Other than Toad I think the willow tree friends enjoyed the relaxing days on the river bank, basking in the sun, doesn't that sound lovely? We've got the perfect print for you too "Woodland Friends" is the perfect print to kick back and relax in.

Get the look:

Autumn styling ideas for kids

Everyday Play Style

One thing I really wanted the brand to do was spark the imagination of stories and play. I think our brand rep Sienna has perfectly demonstrated that here. Looking fabulous in her Dungarees in the popular "Tigers and Tea" print. This design has been a big hit with you all!

Get the look:

Autumn styling ideas for kids

Our Favourite Brands to Shop for Coordinates

Talking to my Reps about the coordinate we love to buy to go with our Popsy and Mama essentials, we thought we would share the ones we love the most:

  • Zara is a favourite due to the neutral colour coordinates and the longevity of their products, allowing us to pass them down to younger siblings or gift them onto friends or family.

  • H&M is a must for those of us wanting planet conscious children's clothes, they are by far the leaders in our minds to being committed to reducing waste and using recycled materials.

  • Next have a fabulous basics range that compliments so many of the Popsy and Mama prints.

  • Kidly is a real favourite amongst a lot of the team and their gorgeous fabrics and wonderful colours make them perfect for twinning with our collection.

  • TU at Sainsbury's is a great budget option for stylish coordinates.

  • Sophia and the Fox have some gorgeous designs and an array of colour combos to support the Popsy palette.

  • Matalan have an amazing range that makes layering up super easy.

  • La Redoute is a brand that more of us are using now. The great thing is they usually have offers on and additional discounts, including on branded lines too.

  • Lindex another European style brand offering style from the continent to your home.

Did you miss the Summer Collection launch? You can view the NEW collection here:


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