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My Popsy and Mama Wardrobe

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Join us as we dive into 'One Mama and Two Little Humans' Popsy and Mama wardrobe to discover their family's favourite items and how they style them.

My Popsy and Mama Wardrobe

from 'One Mama and Two Little Humans'

Popsy and Mama is launching a new blog post series called 'My Popsy and Mama Wardrobe'.

Every couple of months we'll be diving into a Brand Rep's wardrobe to discover their favourite Popsy and Mama clothes and getting tips on how to style them.

This month we'll be getting to know Charly and her gorgeous children, Ruby-Mae and Connor, from the Instagram profile 'One Mama and Two Little Humans' (@1mama_2littlehumans).

I can't wait to take a look! Over to you Charly...

'One Mama and Two Little Humans' favourite Popsy and Mama clothes

Popsy and Mama clothes
Charly with her children, Connor and Ruby-Mae

Favourite Popsy and Mama item #1

Short Sleeve Gathered Dress


Popsy and Mama's Short Sleeve Gathered Dress. Here Ruby-Mae is wearing the dress in 'A Sunny Trip' print that was part of the Summer Collection 2020.


The Gathered Dresses are a favourite of mine and Ruby-Mae's. Not only do they look girly and elegant, they're comfortable for little people to run around in too. The gather at the top also gives the dress some shape which makes them fit and hang well.

Styling tips?

In the summer I always pop a contrasting bow in Ruby-Mae's hair. These dresses however can take you through every season. In the colder months I put a cute cardigan over the top!

Popsy and Mama Gathered Dress

Favourite Popsy and Mama item #2

Shorty Romper


Popsy and Mama's Shorty Romper. Here Ruby-Mae is wearing the romper in the 'Forest School' print that was part of the Spring Collection 2020.


It's perfect for little adventure seekers on warm summer days! It's roomy and extremely comfortable when the weather gets too hot. The little cuffs on the legs also stop the shorts from riding up.

Styling tips?

We'll always put a short sleeve t-shirt underneath the Shorty Romper and team it with comfy pumps or sandals. However, on slightly breezier days, a long sleeve t-shirt works well too!

Popsy and Mama Shorty Romper

Favourite Popsy and Mama item #3



Popsy and Mama's Hoodie. Here Connor's wearing the hoodie in the 'Into The Wild' print.


It's hard to find cute looking hoodies on the high-street, so I love that we can choose a Popsy and Mama print for this style of clothing! The Hoodies have plenty of growing room which means they last.

Styling tips?

We always pair Connor's Hoodies with jeans or joggers. However, in the summer, the Hoodies are perfect for taking to the beach and throwing on when the wind gets too chilly.

Popsy and Mama Hoodie

Favourite Popsy and Mama item #4

Printed Leggings


Popsy and Mama's Printed Leggings. Here Ruby-Mae is wearing her leggings in the 'Hattie Hedgehog' print that was part of the Spring Collection 2020.


Popsy and Mama Leggings not only feel extremely soft, but they last a long time too. The quality of them is amazing. The knees even survive the endless tumbles little ones have!

Styling tips?

The list is endless when it comes to deciding what to pair our Popsy and Mama leggings with. The 'Hattie Hedgehog' print is quite girly so we like to put these leggings with a pretty blouse and sandals. Ruby-Mae is also obsessed with her Popsy and Mama Felt Bag!

Popsy and Mama handmade childrens leggings

Favourite Popsy and Mama item #5

Pinafore Dress


Our final Popsy and Mama favourite item is the Pinafore Dress. Here Ruby-Mae's wearing the Pinafore Dress in the 'Bluebell Leopard' print from the Spring Collection 2020.


This is a dress that I highly recommend you have in your little one's wardrobe as it lasts all seasons. You can put short sleeve t-shirts underneath in the summer and long sleeve tops underneath in the winter. The dresses are roomy and comfy too!

Styling tips?

When the weather was a bit chillier we'd style the Pinafore Dress with a long sleeve t-shirt in a contrasting colour, woolly tights, chunky boots and a blue bow headband to match.

Handmade toddler dresses

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