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Organising Children’s Wardrobes

Easter seems to have both flown by and felt like the longest half term in the history of half terms!

This week we thought we would take a look at manic yet zen task of organizing the little folks all important wardrobes.

Preparing your best entry into Narnia

Good Morning,

What a good morning it promises to be! We look ahead into the start of another long weekend of family fun! May might just be my favourite month for that reason. Also partly because for me my summer vibes start in May and lifts my spirits right through till September when I prepare myself for cosy knits and changing seasons.

With small businesses come the love for some truly stunning designs and makes, so unique to what you can get on the high street and with all the super organised big folk out there I have the admiration for the beautifully planned wardrobes too.

So follow us on a journey to our very own doorways to Narnia.

Sammie and Soph xx


Organising that Narnia Doorway

Structural Integrity

Show me one big folk that hasn’t got to a point that the rails are bowing and the doors aren’t shutting! It’s usually at this point that more mess is made as we frantically empty the wardrobe with the idea of starting afresh (instantly regrettable of course) nether the less we are here now among the trenches to start looking through the mountains and decide which of the clothes from a decade ago WILL make a come back and with inflation means its simply not economical to move it along.

We are the same aren’t we with the little folks, your now 5 year old once wore the cutest little outfit that is just too precious to let go! I mean my Mum still has lots of dresses from when I was little that are now most definitely classed as vintage. For us we hold onto these, they are our tickets to the memories that we hold dear.

It's hard, really hard letting go BUT if Elsa has taught us anything it's that letting go will make us feel fabulous.

Firstly, it's important to know that you don’t have to have the top of the range wardrobe to have the best organisation. If you have a structure the bones are there you can do what you want with it with a couple of handy tools and quick buys from any DIY store.

First Wardrobe

We all have the creamy nurseries in mind don’t we, these become a reality when we enter the nesting phase of pregnancy. The Scandi looks are always popular aren’t they. We can see why it’s so simply and minimalistic its everyone’s dream isn’t it. I do always wonder though how they get everything into the minimal furniture they have, it might be that I’m a shopaholic and have far too many things to fit!

We started out with a little tall boy unit. I wish we had invested in some wardrobe size dividers but in all honestly, I think it would have stressed the hubby out having to put things back in the right size place! There are some lovely options available here for dividers

We had top and dungarees hanging and bottoms in the draws below, the issue we started to get was the clothes were becoming longer than the hanging rail.

Leggings were where our small business journey started, we got to a point where we started to roll the leggings to save some space.

Thinking about the environment we stuck with the furniture we had as long as possible and we have moved onto a wardrobe now that will last until the little folk move out.

Customisable Options

We invested in a second-hand Ikea pax wardrobe this is a signature piece with them and means that the structure is adaptable as your wardrobe needs change.

When we first got the wardrobe we had a rail in the double side, a large mesh basket a shoe shelf and then in the single side of the wardrobe we had 3 hanging rails for our continually growing legging collection. We also kept the chest of drawers in the bottom for PJs and Preschool clothes.

Growing With Age

We don’t like to have reminders that out little folk are growing up! When it comes to organising the little folks bedrooms or starting here for a spring clean without a doubt you’ll come across something that reminds you they are grow…and fast. Whether its removing a bundle or pre-schooler clothes and replacing with the very minimal school uniform. Or coming across a forgotten toy that they no longer have to have with them every waking second.

Sadly for us our legging journey is coming to an end. Which means we have scaled back a lot of Louis’ legging collection – I’m pushing cropped leggings a little while longer but in generally we are moving onto trousers and jeans. That has meant another review of the structure of his wardrobe.

How Louis' wardrobe looks now

I think I have finally got to a point were I think we are worthy of this being the entry way to Narnia.

We’ve added a shelf for the ever-growing teddy collection.

The main rail for all the tops, the new addition of a divider has given us the option to have mesh baskets but we might upgrade that to draws eventually. We also have the addition of the small rail for trousers.

We decided to go with the Ikea options as they are adaptable offer something for all styles and are affordable.

Some people may have built in wardrobes and there are again easy to adapt to how you want it. Think about what is important for you. How do you need to organise things for easier morning routines.

Maybe organising it so it's easier for the school routine is something you desire? Take a look at this fabulous blog for top tips on school organisation.

Mini eggs are the greatest additional for Easter bakes, add mini eggs to anything and you are sure to have an Easter treat in anything you make. We have featured them here on a cake, a cheesecake and the nests. The warning comes with this though. You may need a spare bag for those little snackers.

Find Your Narnia Dreams

As Popsy and Mama are the home of story inspired prints we would be lying if we said we didn’t believe that the wardrobe can take us to the land of Narnia. Ok we might actually be living in Narnia with thoughts like that BUT, with all your beautiful Popsy and Mama prints on display you can definitely feel like you enter a land of wonder every time you open the doors!

We believe with the right organisation you can almost make your little folks wardrobe the cover of a book with beautiful stories inside. From Paddington to Neverland we cover a wide range of stories that are sure to be loved by someone in your household, normally Mum (cough, cough)

In all seriousness you’re here because you love small businesses you love what shopping small stands for. With so many beautiful options within the community its truly up to you how you organise things.

What we do hope for you is, as stressful as the start of the journey is, that the destination is worth it. That you find that serenity every time you open the doors or draws.

Recycle, Pay It Forward

Please be mindful of the environment if you are taking on these tasks this Spring. There is a preloved page on Instagram that will help you get exposure on preloved items. Vinted is another really fabulous selling avenue. H&M will take in any textiles and give you a credit for doing so.

Of course there are lots of charities that can benefit from you donating to them. There are also often collection appeals for those less fortunate that will benefit from your help. You might even brighten someone’s day by them receiving some beautiful makes.


We’ve got spring cleaning on our minds, (now we just need the willpower to start) if any of you decide that you're going to embark on the expedition to conquer Mount Clothevious, good luck we are rooting for you. Please do consider what we have said in regards to the clothes no longer featuring in your very own stories.

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend we hope it’s a good one for you all. We are hoping that the sunshine continues and that the moods continue to be full of good vibes. We are very much looking forward to the launch of the summer range on Sunday at 8pm, and we hope to see you there.


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