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National Wrong Trousers day: The Popsy Way!

National wrong trouser day was introduced in the UK to help raise awareness and funds for children's hospitals around the country. We think that is an awesome way to raise awareness, we are of course putting a Popsy spin on things...

Popsy's Terrific Trouser Day 2021

Happy Friday! This week has been a funny old week for us so I am thankful to be closing the chapter on it that's for sure!

It's actually wrong trouser day today, its a national day here in the UK that started with the beloved Wallace and Gromit film in 1993. It actually became a recognised day in 2003 due to the success it was having as a fundraiser.

Now we ALL have a lot of love for the uniqueness that is handmade items. It felt wrong calling it wrong or wacky trouser day so we thought we‘d spread the love with some terrific trouser designs that are firm favourites with you all.

Please do join in and tag us with your little leg shots today. As always we love seeing all your littles in our makes. Please do tag us in all your beautiful photos @popsyandmama and #popsyandmama lets spread the leggings love today.

Have a fabulous weekend,

Love Sammie & Soph x


Pospy's Terrific Trousers and how to Style them

Five are Famous

First up in our terrific trouser edit is 'five are famous' its all the adventure vibes that we could have hoped for and the bolder colour makes all the little details pop. It seems like browns and neutrals are the most paired colour palette for this print.

Where to buy

Top - Sophia & the Fox

Shirt - Zara

Sandals - La Redoute

Tigers and tea

The design has been so loved by you all! It’s also so differently styled by so many of you. I love that there are so many different colours on this design that you can pair it how you like. It does seem like warmer tones are the go to.

Where to buy

Top - Zara

Cardigan - H&M

Sandals - Next

Always - Part 1 Philly Stone

We know there are many HP fans amongst you all. We’re so excited for the release of the collection. We love how little Frankie is styling it here. We think the deep red is a perfect pairing for this one. What better pairing than doubling up on some HP designs! Marks and Spencer's have all the house jumpers so you could pair with your favourite.

Where to buy

Jumper - Marks and Spencer's

Denim Jacket - GAP

Shoes - Schuh

Spring styling ideas for kids

Mama Leggings

Us Mama's deserve a treat too don't we. I really do love to see you all enjoying the beautiful designs too. Mama Leggings are always an option too along with jumpers and tees too. If you have any questions about the mama range please feel free to drop us a message.

Popsy's Insiders

On Popsy's Terrific Trouser Day it wouldn't be a celebration of all our beautiful designs without a close up of the first Insiders print. I have been blown away by all your kindness for the subscription box and the feedback of how loved the first print was, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

If you didn't manage to get the box this print will be available next summer so there will be an opportunity for you all to own it.

Whose excited for the next box?


We are getting into a really good rhythm to keep that turnaround down for you all. We also have some summer pre made items left in our summer sale and a few prints with up to 30% off made to order so some real summer treats for you.

It wont be long before we start to showcase you the autumn range. We have some returning favourites but also some beautiful new stories to share with you I cant wait to hear what you all think!

That's it from us this week, I'm off to put on my favourite terrific trousers and continue to sew all your wonderful order.

Did you miss the Summer Style Blog? You can view the NEW collection here:


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