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My Popsy and Mama Wardrobe

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Join us as we dive into '2 Wildones and Me' Popsy and Mama wardrobe to discover their family's favourite items and how they style them.

My Popsy and Mama Wardrobe

from '2 Wild Ones and Me'

Welcome to our next post in the 'My Popsy and Mama Wardrobe' blog post series.

Every few months we'll be popping into a Brand Rep's wardrobe to discover their favourite Popsy and Mama clothes and getting tips on how to style them.

This month we'll be getting to know Tasha and her beautiful girls, Emma and Iris, from the Instagram profile '2 Wild Ones and Me' (@2wildone_andme).

I'm excited to see what you love! Over to you Tasha...

'2 Wild Ones and Me' favourite Popsy and Mama clothes

Favourite Popsy and Mama item #1

Short Sleeve Gathered Dress


Popsy and Mama's Short Sleeve Gathered Dress. Here Emma is wearing the Gathered Dress in one of our latest designs 'Spring Science' print that's part of the Spring Earth Edit Collection 2021.


Emma loves a Gathered Dresses, which she calls her "twirl" dress. This style is just perfect for comfort. It's perfect for play time and running about, as well as being a smarter dress for when we can meet up with family again.

Styling tips?

At this time of year, we like to team our Gathered Dresses with wooly tights, boots and a comfy jacket. When it's extra cold we will pop a handmade snood on too and some warm mittens too. The combo with a jacket is perfect as when it warms up we can drop it for a cooler outfit.

Popsy and Mama Gathered Dress

Favourite Popsy and Mama item #2

Pinafore Dress


Popsy and Mama's Pinafore Dress. Iris loves to bumble about on her newly walking legs in her Pinafore Dress, here she's wearing her 'Pooh Sticks' Pinnie from our Spring Childhood Tales Collection 2021.


We find Pinafore Dresses perfect for layering and they allow Iris hassle-less freedom to explore on her little legs, mainly to spectacularly fall into puddles (as happened when we recently did a Stories take over on Popsy and Mama's Instagram).

Styling tips?

They are so versatile, we can layer our Pinafore Dresses with jumpers in the colder weather or just a long or short sleeve top as it gets warmer. Tights or knee-high socks are an absolute must!

Popsy and Mama Shorty Romper

Favourite Popsy and Mama item #3

Skater Girl Skirt


Popsy and Mama's Skater Girl Skirt. Here Emma's wearing her favourite P&M skirt in the 'Windsor Gardens' print.


Skirts are my favourite items in Emma's wardrobe. She finds them so comfy and loves to twirl in them to make the skirt really spin out around her. We find them nicer to wear than leggings and it keeps Emma nice and girlie; we absolutely adore the Paddington inspired print too.

Styling tips?

We find the skirts so versatile to pair them with so many options from tops, sweatshirts, jumpers, cardigans with wooly tights and boots or wellies for puddle splashing at this time of year. They are the perfect all year round item as we can team them with a short sleeve top in the warmer weather and sandals, so we can get maximum wear from them.

Popsy and Mama Hoodie

Favourite Popsy and Mama item #4

T-Shirt Dress


Popsy and Mama's T-Shirt Dress. Here Iris is wearing her dress in the 'Mother Nature' print that's part of our current Spring Collection 2021.


We love a t-shirt dress for Iris, they're comfortable for her to wear and they don't have too much fabric to get in her way as she's finding her feet more. They are really simple and hassle free to dress her in too. With Iris' clothes being smaller these dresses mean we can still get to see a lot of the gorgeous print.

Styling tips?

The T-Shirt dress looks gorgeous teamed with tights or knee high socks and a cute colour-matched cardigan. Obviously accessorised with the cutest side knot pony too!

Popsy and Mama handmade childrens leggings

One of things I love about Popsy and Mama is that I can wear my favourite prints too or even twin with the girls, by choosing some Mama Leggings, just for me! We've loved diving into our Popsy and Mama wardrobe with you all and hope you've enjoyed it too. Thanks for joining us, love Tasha, Emma and Iris xx

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