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It's Our Birthday! Popsy & Mama Turns Three

This is a very special day today indeed. Three years ago today Popsy & Mama was launched. In those three years the business has evolved and grown so much. Please join us for some fun celebrations.

Popsy and Mama birthday celebrations start here!

Are you ready to join the Popsy Party?

Let me start with a big thank you to you all for all your support over the last 3 years! None of what we have built would have been possible without you all. I thought for the blog today I'd take you on a journey through the last 3 years and of course share with you some on the fun we have planned for today.

Many of you might have seen already but we've share lots of newness with you over the last week, we've opened up pre orders for our stunning spooktacular designs, We've dropped the first taste of Popsy & Mama Homeware and we've given you one seventh of a taste for some magic to come. Things really have come a long way and we are not stopping there.

Please do join us over on Instagram and Facebook for some party fun.


Sammie & Pops x


Once Upon a Time

Where it all began

On this day 3 years ago today Popsy and Mama was born. I've always had a passion for sewing, I've been doing it for 43 years so 3 years ago I decided to launch a small business selling woven dresses. It quickly took off and as I became part of a fantastic small business community it didn't take long for me to branch out and offer jersey items. Woven makes really were my roots so expanding outside of that was the first steps to the Popsy & Mama you know today.

Our signature woven pinafore dress
Onwards and Upwards

A year down the line we relaunched with exclusive prints on jersey. I'll admit that I fell down a rabbit hole when it came to claiming designs, there were so many talented designers out there that it was addictive to claim their beautiful makes. With that came my search for some fabulous people to join me on my journey as my reps. I was blown away with the number of people that wanted to and still do support me in my dreams.

Our spring 2020 rep meet, before the world stopped turning
2020 Big Changes Ahead

We all know what the year 2020 meant for so many people it was a hard year, a year of adapting and changing routines, some of us even became self certified teachers. While 2020 definitely had its challenges it was also the year that we launched our first Childhood Tales print. It was a direction I'd wanted to take the brand for a while so in May 2020 we launched Sherwood Explorer and my goodness you all loved it. It really did give me the confidence to start to release more story inspired prints.

Louis wearing his Sherwood Explorer Tee

Here and Now

Today the seasonal releases focus on story inspired designs, its at the heart of what we do! I hope you like the stories ww have done so far, there's a world of books out there so there are plenty more to come. By far the most loved design has been The Lost Boys Club, truthfully after The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, Peter Pan is my favourite. I wanted a print that brought the unsung hero's of the story to life. I'm so pleased you all loved my take on it. That said we asked you if you wanted a collection of non story designs and 50% of you said yes so we will keep going with a handful of non Childhood Tales designs too. Things are growing rapidly here at P&M and I hope you are enjoying the journey with us. We are always brainstorming ideas of what's next for the brand and I for one am excited to see what the future holds.

Lost Boys Club by Deedy Designs

Join Us for Popsy & Mama's Virtual Party!

We have a fun filled day planned today. Please do make sure you join use over on Instagram and Facebook for some games and some chances to win prizes! We have a quiz, some of the answers might be in this blog and much more. We would love to see lots of photos on the social media platforms to celebrate, so grab your favourite P&M outfit and tag away we'd love to see you virtual Popsy Party outfits.

Who doesn't love some fun on a Friday?


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