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It's a Bug's Life. Build a bustling Bug Hotel!

Earth Cubs, an educational and fun environmental resource for children, shows you how to create the ultimate Bug Hotel out of recycled materials.

Happy Friday everyone. Well, autumn is well and truly here. As the nights are drawing in, and the temperatures drop, I do like to stay warm and cosy at home when I can!

This week, we have a very exciting activity for the little ones. Our guest blogger, Earth Cubs, shows us an easy step-by-step guide to creating your own Bug Hotel, because after all, bugs like to stay warm and cosy in the autumn too.

Earth Cubs is an online resource for children to enable them to learn about the environment and sustainability in a fun and inspiring way. Do check out their website and download the free Earth Cubs app from the Apple and Android app store.

I'd love to hear how you get on with making your Bug Hotels. Share your pictures with me by tagging @popsyandmama.

Sam x

P.S. Did you know Popsy and Mama has a special "It's a Bug's Life" print? The perfect thing to wear this autumn while creating your own bug hotel!

Bug printed blanket
It's a Bug's Life! Popsy and Mama's bug printed blanket.


Earth Cubs shows you how to make a simple, stylish and cosy Bug Hotel this autumn.

Build a Bug Hotel with Earth Cubs using Recycled Materials

Earth Cubs was created to build excitement around sustainability and the environment; to inspire kids to "Learn the World"!

Our beautiful planet has so many different environments, all facing different issues. At Earth Cubs, we want to approach these issues in a positive way. We want to empower children to make a difference and have fun at the same time.

We have incredible environments and crazy characters to guide you as you explore. Let "Antonio the Anteater" show you around the Brazilian Rainforest, "Nigel the Nervous Narwhal" will teach you about the Arctic and "Frankie the Fox" is in the busy City.

Watch your hotel guests hibernate for the winter!

All Earth Cubs resources are free – from an educational app to extensive lesson plans and fun activities. These resources are all curriculum-aligned and designed to encourage children to learn about different environments – empowering them to make sustainable changes to protect our world.

One of these exciting activities is building a Bug Hotel!

How to make a bug hotel
Make a Bug Hotel with Earth Cubs

Insects are a really important part of our natural world. Not only do they provide food for birds, but they help to pollinate our flowers and help keep our soil healthy. A Bug Hotel provides somewhere for insects to hibernate and live safely, as well as being a fascinating project for children.

At Earth Cubs we love to recycle! So, we encourage you to make your Bug Hotel using recycled materials.

What kind of bugs do you think will come and take residence?

Look out for woodlice, ladybirds and other little minibeasts. Depending on where you put your Bug Hotel you may get some different guests too. Others may prefer sunnier areas. Just keep it away from your veggie patch!

What you will need to make a Bug Hotel:

  1. Plastic bottle

  2. Scissors

  3. Newspaper

  4. Sellotape

Bug Hotel step 1

Bug Hotel step 2

Bug hotel step 3

Bug hotel step 4

Bug hotel step 5

Step by step guide to building a bug hotel
Step-by-step guide to creating a Bug Hotel

Put your Bug Hotel outside and ... it’s open for business!

Why not add an extra wing or two onto your hotel and create a stack?

Can you think of a fun name for your Bug Hotel? Bug-ingham Palace? Bee & Bee?

Let’s hope that all the insects have a larvae-ly night’s sleep!

Visit Earth Cubs for loads more fun activities, fact videos and free lesson plans.

Download the free app from the Apple or Android app store and Learn the World!


Popsy and Mama is always on the lookout for Guest Bloggers, so contact us if you'd like a go by applying here.


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