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How To Be More Eco Friendly

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Nadine, founder of The Adventures of Tilly and Co, shares top tips to help make our homes more Eco friendly.

I was delighted when Nadine, founder of The Adventures of Tilly and Co, said she'd guest blog for Popsy and Mama. I was even more delighted when Nadine said she'd love to share her tips for making our homes more Eco friendly.

I like to think my family and I are doing everything we can to help look after our world. I make this my number one priority for Popsy and Mama too. I've been overwhelmed for the love for my Reusable Baby Wipes and Reusable Face Wipes.

However, I'm aware there's always more we can do. Nadine's advice has given me new ideas and I'm sure her tips will inspire you too.

So, here it is. The Adventures of Tilly and Co's top tips for making our households and family actions more Eco friendly.


Sam x

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How To Be More Eco Friendly

by Nadine, founder of The Adventures of Tilly and Co

The Adventures of Till and Co
Nadine and Tilly

Being eco friendly as a family doesn’t necessarily mean making unaffordable, unsustainable changes to your lifestyle. In fact it should mean the opposite. Some changes will require a little more effort from you, but the basics are as easy as making simple swaps.

Here are my top tips for making your household more Eco Friendly:

  • Adopt good recycling habits: label your bins so it’s clear what waste is recycled, composted and refused.

  • Buy reusable: we love cotton tote shopping bags, metal straws, reusable coffee mugs and reusable water bottles. We have plenty of spares of all of these and have a supply in our going-out-bag so they’re always to hand.

  • Ditch liquid soaps for solids: not only is this a great way to save on plastic but it's also a much easier way to avoid nasty chemicals. It's also much friendlier on your purse. Trust me your skin will thank you for it!

  • Swap detergents: we use an ecoegg instead of washing powder. It cleans your clothes using natural mineral pellets that are inside the egg. It saves you money whilst being kinder to the planet!

  • Shop small, shop local: support local retailers and decrease your carbon footprint. We’ve all seen documentaries about the horrible working conditions of people slaving over producing fast fashion. Buy well, buy secondhand, pass things on.

  • Home cooking: it’s great to involve the whole family, and it comes with so many benefits. It tastes better, no hidden nasties, brings the family together and can get rid of plastic waste.

ecoegg the Laundry Egg and some Eco friendly items from our home

Here are some more TOP SWAPS to make every day items more kind to our planet:


  • Washing up sponges for coconut scrubbers

  • Toothpaste for dental tablets

  • Bought veg for Grow Your Own

  • Plastic milk for milk from the milkman

  • Wet wipes and nappies for reusable wipes and nappies (see Popsy and Mama!)

  • Clingfilm for wax wraps

  • Supermarket veg for local-market loose veg

  • Teabags for loose tea

  • Shampoo and conditioner for solid bars

It’s not always possible to make all the changes you want, but every small change matters when it comes to moulding the future of this planet. Involve your children in your changes too. It'll make them realise how important it is to care and make sensible choices, not convenient choices, for themselves.

Finally, I have a motto I try and stick to and it's a good one to remember:

Reuse, Repair, Recycle ♻ 🌎

If you'd like any more tips do get in touch!

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