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Tips to help your baby sleep through the night.

Michelle Brown, founder of The Baby Sleep Experts, shares five useful tips to help your baby (and you) get the best night's sleep.

The Baby Sleep Experts
Sweet Dreams! Get your baby to sleep with tips from The Baby Sleep Experts

Hello everyone,

It's another week and another Friday, but here we are in lockdown again! It doesn't seem that long ago since the first lockdown came to an end and life was getting back to some kind of normality. At least this time, fingers crossed, it will be a shorter period of time and we can all enjoy a much-needed Christmas break with our families.

These are anxious times for everyone and so now, more than ever, we all need our beauty sleep, both for our physical and mental health.

This week, I'm handing the Popsy and Mama blog over to the fantastic Michelle Brown who is a holistic sleep coach and founder of