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Happy Make Life Beautiful Day: A guide to a beautiful

Today is make life beautiful day. It's a day dedicated to celebrating people who are making life beautiful. You have all heard of the butterfly effect right? one small action will lead to a ripple effect spreading the love far and wide not only making your own life beautiful but others around you too.


Sammie's back from a lovely week away and its full steam ahead. I'm sure lots of you have had your dispatch emails, you'll all be excited to know that for the lucky few that bagged an insiders box your postie is bringing you a box of happiness any day now!

Guess what? In one weeks time Popsy and Mama turns 3! Keep your eyes peeled on how we plan to mark the occasion.

We are celebrating make life beautiful day by celebrating, well all of you of course! Without all your amazing support we couldn't do what we love.

Todays blog is bringing to you 5 tips to a beautiful life. Enjoy and remember you are all incredible.

Take care,

Sammie & Soph x


Make Life Beautiful

Firstly let me tell you that every single one of you is beautiful. Life is beautiful. Make no mistake that we all face challenges that sow the seed of doubt, some of us are living with a big black dog either openly or quietly where our biggest judgement comes from ourselves. Thankfully not everything needs to be blue skies and sunshine, just remember that all fairy tales have a darkness to overcome.

Always be grateful for the blessings and gifts you already have

I think sometimes it's easy to forget the present and we are all different. Some of us love to live in the past, others, like myself are living in the future. Too little of us are living in the here and now. The number one tip that we can follow to our beautiful lives is be present. Stop planning the future, worrying about milestones and appreciate where you are right now. In years to come we will be part of history lets all make sure it worth learning about.

Work out what a beautiful life means to you

Technology is a marvellous tool to have at our disposal, literally everything you could possibly want to know is at your finger tips 24/7. Unfortunately it also opens us up to compare ourselves to others. It doesn't matter how hard we try not to we will always do it, simply because its there at the click of a button (well a face scan in these times). Have some phone free time to sit down and work out what a beautiful life means to you.

Start to make changes towards your vision of a beautiful life

It's ok to feel like your life isn't beautiful right now but you truly deserve to be living your beautiful life. We can get a little lost and it's not hard to believe that there aren't enough hours in the day to spend thinking about what to change. That being said though its time well spent in the long run. Where do you start you ask, everyone is different, the best question to ask yourself what's missing? when you figure it out ask yourself what's holding you back. Don't let fear or failure hold you back.

Give away love, to feel more love

One of the best ways to feel good, to feel love is to dish it out first, pay it forward if you will. Share your love far and wide, behind every mask is a stunning smile and a friendly voice use it, wish someone a good day, praise them, thank them and appreciate them. it will spread quicker than you might think.

Practice forgiveness

This might be the hardest one to attempt. It's easier to hold on the things that hurts us than having to relive the pain in order to let them go. Its important to embrace letting go, Find your inner Elsa guys, its worth it!

So in the famous words of Roald Dahl:

" If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely"

No truer words could possible sum up beautiful life day. No better stories could possibly highlight the power of believe and persistence when your dealt poor hand. Matilda and James are perfect example of the power of the belief that YOU deserve more.

Sammie & Soph x


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