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10 must-have handmade toddler dresses

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Looking for handmade baby and children's clothes in the UK? Check out Popsy and Mama's latest handmade toddler dresses. All made lovingly, by hand, in England.

Handmade toddler dresses from Popsy and Mama

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I'm still feeling overwhelmed by the wonderful reaction to Popsy and Mama's summer shop opening. Thank you all so much for your orders. It really means the world to me!

Sorry if you didn't get a chance to put your order in this time, the shop will reopen again soon. You can keep updated with shop opening times by following Popsy and Mama on Instagram and subscribing to the Popsy and Mama blog.

Let's talk handmade baby and children's dresses...

In the meantime, I want to talk about handmade dresses. Sewing dresses is one of my favourite things to do - bar rompers of course!

Many of the new summer prints really lend themselves to dresses for babies and toddlers. Popsy and Mama has over 5 styles of dresses including the:

  • Gathered Dress

  • T-Shirt Dress

  • Cocoon Dress

  • Bespoke Made To Order Dress

  • Pinafore Dress

As much as I love all the styles, I do have some favourite prints for dresses. I wanted to use the blog post this week to share these with you.

Perfect accessories to go with toddler dresses

Make sure you read the blog to the bottom as I've also shared some new accessory ideas that look fabulous with the dresses!

So, here they are, Popsy and Mama's 10 must-have handmade toddler dresses.

Have a lovely weekend.

Sam x


  1. Somewhere Over the Rainbow Dress

  2. Hidden Key Pinafore Dress

  3. Land Far Far Away Dress

  4. Do You Believe, Fairy Print Jersey Dress

  5. A Sunny Trip Short Sleeve Gathered Dress

  6. Bluebell Pinafore Dress to last all seasons

  7. Bespoke Made-To-Order Dress

  8. Enchanted Forest Dress

  9. Starry Night Hare Long Sleeve Dress

  10. Far Away Tree Dress

#1 Somewhere Over the Rainbow Dress

Rainbows have become an even more popular symbol in 2020, and rightly so. Every time I see a rainbow it makes me smile and feel a sense of togetherness. It's no wonder the Popsy and Mama rainbow prints were extremely popular for June's shop opening! The 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' print has to be a favourite of mine and I particularly like it in the T-Shirt Dress style. If you like rainbow prints you might want to also check out Popsy and Mama's handmade rainbow clothes for children blog post.

#2 Hidden Key Pinafore Dress

Was 'The Secret Garden' a favourite story of yours? It was mine! Which is why I asked one of my print designers to create the 'Hidden Key' print for me. I love reading popular old-fashioned stories to Poppy and 'The Secret Garden' we really enjoy together. The film is also a hit. We're excited to see the new movie that's being released this year. Popsy and Mama launched a NEW Pinafore Dress style for the summer collection and I do think the 'Hidden Key' print works well on this design.

#3 Land Far Far Away Dress

Think Cinderella, Princes, castles and magic! The 'Land Far Far Away' print has been designed so little people can look at their clothes and create a story of their own with the characters they see. Here we have our adorable Brand Rep Cici from @saiyan_and_cienna wearing Popsy and Mama's NEW Pinafore Dress style in the 'Land Far Far Away' print. So beautiful!

#4 'Do You Believe' Fairy Print Jersey Dress

There's something very magical about fairies. Poppy has doors and houses for fairies and often lets her imagination run wild thinking about the adventures they get up to. I hope she continues to believe in magic for a very long time! The 'Do You Believe' print really lends itself to dresses as it allows you to see a lot of the detail. I particularly love it on the Gathered Dress style. Wands also launched as a NEW item in Popsy and Mama's summer collection, and they look even more special when made in prints to match your little person's outfit. The Wands can be personalised with initials and names too!

#5 A Sunny Trip Short Sleeve Gathered Dress

The 'A Sunny Trip' print just squeals summer fun and giggles! The mix of colours with the bunting, sun and hot air balloons makes me smile a lot. Short sleeve dresses are perfect for the summer as you cover up your baby and toddler's shoulders from the sun, without them feeling too hot. The Short Sleeve Gathered Dress is also made in a stretchy cotton jersey fabric so your little people can move freely and be comfortable in the hea