Handmade summer dresses for baby girls

Updated: May 30, 2021

As the sun starts to peek through, here's a roundup of Popsy and Mama's handmade summer dresses designed specifically for your baby girls.

Popsy and Mama's

handmade summer dresses for baby girls

May. Yes, May. How are we already at the end of May? It's a shame the weather hasn't been as warm this year, but I'm keeping everything crossed (as I'm sure you are) that the sun starts making a more regular appearance soon.

Summer is a favourite time of year for me and Poppy. We get to explore outside more freely and spend hours with friends running through fields, playing in parks and if we're lucky, dipping our toes in the sea.

I also love the summer season as it means I spend a lot of my time sewing colourful, warm-weather-vibe prints for your little people. As the sun has made the odd appearance and is starting to peek through, I thought it was time I dedicated a blog post to my handmade summer dresses for baby girls collection. So, here it is...

And, while you browse, excuse me while I go off to do a sun dance!


Much love,

Sam x

(Founder of Popsy and Mama)

P.S. Remember if you have any questions about shopping with Popsy and Mama just drop me a note and I'll be in touch.


Handmade Summer Dresses Collection

There are two Popsy and Mama dress styles for the summer months, they are the Pinafore Dress and the Gathered Dress. Both are made from 92% cotton and 8% lycra, which means they're soft and have plenty of flexibility to allow your little ones to move freely. There's also a Limited Edition dress style and print this year - the Cross Over Pinnie in the Botanical Dragonflies print.

The Pinafore Dress

Size: 0-3 months to 5-6 years

Price: from £20

The Pinafore Dress has straps that popper up at the front. The best thing about our Pinafore Dress style is that your little one can wear it on its own, or with a short or long sleeve top underneath when the weather is a bit chiller. All of the dresses also come with a very attractive (if I say so myself) contrasting colour lining.

The Gathered dress

Size: 0-3 months to 5-6 years

Price: from £22

The Gathered Dress has a slight scoop neckline, is ruched around the chest, and comes in three sleeve lengths: short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve or long sleeve. The choice is yours. Just under the knee is where most of the dresses sit on your little people, however this obviously changes as they grow.

The Limited Edition Cross Over Pinnie Dress

Size: 0-3 months to 5-6 years

Price: from £22

The Limited Edition Cross Over Pinnie Dress has straps that cross over at the back with poppers, so you can adjust the size and fit. There's also an elasticated back and it's lined in a contrasting colour to the print you choose. As it's a Limited Edition it's only available in one print: "Botanical Butterflies". If you like this style, be quick, as once the fabrics gone, it's gone (no pressure)!

Summer Dress prints

Every season at Popsy and Mama we release a new print edit. For summer 2021 we've launched a Mini Summer print edit of four prints, and introduced a whopping ten more prints to our Childhood Tales print collection which is inspired by favourite stories and fairytales. However, as always there are still our previous season prints to choose from, so do check these out too.

Here's a list of some of our most popular summer prints (image of each print below):

  • Summer Dream Jars

  • Vintage Butterflies

  • Summer Memories

  • Lunar Garden

  • Tiger Check

  • Tigers and Tea (inspired by 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea')

  • Farthing Animals (inspired by 'The Animals of Farthing Wood')

  • Paper Dolls (inspired by 'The Paper Dolls')

  • Wish Upon a Star (inspired by 'Pinocchio')

  • Woodland Friends (inspired by 'The Wind in the Willows')

Summer Dream Jars \\ Vintage Butterflies

Summer Memories \\ Lunar Garden

Tiger Check \\ Tigers and Tea

Farthing Animals \\ Paper Dolls

Wish Upon a Star \\ Woodland Friends

Little people rocking our handmade summer girls dresses

Our very beautiful Popsy and Mama brand reps have already started stylishly-rocking their summer printed dresses. Let's hope we get more sunny days so we continue our summer adventures with our families wearing our favourite warm-weather clothes!

Sitting pretty is lovely Izzy from @wendy23woo in her "Lunar Garden" Gathered Dress

Vi from @bid_melia styling out the 'Harry Potter' look in the "Schools Out" Pinafore Dress

Little Cici from @saiyan_and_cienna getting stuck into a book in her "Tigers and Tea" dress

Sienna from @teesy_and_see is in exploring mode in her "Vintage Butterflies" dress

Lottie from @lifewith_tylerandlottie enjoys garden days in her "Summer Dream Jars" dress

Lil' Tilly from @theadventuresoftillyandco rocks the Limited Edition Crossover Pinnie Dress


UK summer days out for babies and toddlers

Right, so now we've got the summer outfits sorted, it's time to head out and show off our wares! Plus it looks like we will get the summer we all hoped for with no lockdown restrictions.

Stuck for places to go with your little people? Here are my top places to go to entertain babies and toddlers in the summer months. If you have more ideas, please do share them in the comment box below.

Your local farm

Now farms and wildlife parks are open again, they're the perfect place to take babies and toddlers. Babies get a lot of stimulation from seeing new things and toddlers will thoroughly enjoy hearing the animal noises and getting to touch them (if they're allowed). I particularly love Finkley Down Farm near me, but there are hundreds of farms and wildlife parks to choose from across the UK.

Splash around in a swimming or paddling pool

Splashing around in the water is normally a really enjoyable activity for babies and children. While your baby might not be sure at first, gradually ease them into the water and before you know it they're likely to be splashing around and giggling with glee. Swimming pools are now open again, or if you'd prefer to stay more local why not get the paddling pool out and fill it with warm water?

Visit an aquarium

Continuing the water theme, aquariums are extremely wonderful places to take children. Even the tiniest of babies will enjoy seeing the colours, water and light shining through the glass of the fish tanks. Toddlers will no doubt be completely engaged watching different types of fish and sea life swimming around too. The gift shop at the end always rounded off the trip on a high when I used to take Poppy. And, with plenty of gifts priced at £1 or less, I didn't have to spend a fortune!

A bus or train ride

We forget how the simplest of things can be entertaining for babies and children. Trips on buses and trains are rare this days, especially after the pandemic. So, if you're stuck for something to do hop on your local bus or take the train to a nearby town. The journey itself will be an adventure for little people, you don't need anything else!