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Shopping slots for bonnets, sun hats and woven clothes

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

On Thursday 25 July Popsy and Mama will be releasing 20 shopping slots to purchase one of its NEW handmade bonnets, sun hats or woven clothing items including skirts, rompers and play trousers.

Handmade bonnets, sun hats and woven clothes

Limited shopping slots available on Thursday 25 July


I hope you've had a good week? My family is slowly getting back to a bit more 'normality' now Poppy is back at school. It also means I can dedicate more time to sewing your lovely orders, which makes me smile a lot.

I'm sorry if you didn't get your Summer Collection items this time. I'm looking at new ways I can keep the shop open for longer and will begin by trialling the opportunity to book 'shopping slots'.

Shopping slots available to purchase on Thursday 25 July

On Thursday 25 July at 8.30pm I'm going to try something a little different to see if I can create a better shopping experience for you all.

I'm going to release 20 shopping slots to purchase one of Popsy and Mama's NEW handmade bonnets, sun hats or woven clothing items.

The shopping slots will be £5 each, however once you have bought one, you can then shop for one of these items at your leisure. I'm hoping it'll make your shopping experience more enjoyable and not so rushed to get to the checkout!

The £5 you pay for the shopping slot will of course then be reimbursed and deducted off your final order.

How it works

If you're interested in purchasing a bonnet, sun hat or woven clothing item, here's how the shopping slots will work:

1. Visit the shop: On Thursday 25 July at 8.30pm visit www.popsyandmama.com

2. Choose your shopping slot item: You'll be given an option to choose a shopping slot for a bonnet, sun hat or woven clothing item, click 'ADD TO CART' on the item you'd like a shopping slot for.

3. Pay for your shopping slot: Go to the checkout and pay £5 for your shopping slot.

4. Leisurely choose what you'd like your item to look like: I will then be in touch to discuss your order which is where you choose your colourway, print and detail - all at a more leisurely pace!

5. Pay for your item (£5 shopping slot fee will be reimbursed): Once you have agreed the colourway, print and size of your item, I will then ask you for the full payment. Your £5 shopping slot cost will be reimbursed here and taken off the final price of your order.

6. Your order will be made and posted to you: I will then start making your order and it'll be on its way to you within 4-6 weeks.

Please note there will be 10 shopping slots available for the sun hats and bonnets, and 10 shopping slots for the woven clothing items. You will only be able to purchase one shopping slot which enables you to purchase one item. I want to keep it as fair as possible!

What can I buy?

This is the fun part where you get to browse some of the items that will be available next week! However, don't forget Popsy and Mama is all about giving you choices, so what you see here can be adapted to suit your child's style and personality.

Handmade Sun Hats £20 (sizes from 0 months - 8 years)

Hats in the summer are an essential item for little people, which is why Popsy and Mama has launched a NEW range of Sun Hats. In true Popsy and Mama style, this isn't just any sun hat. These Sun Hats come with bear ears! To make the Sun Hat even more special the inner part of the bear ears and the brim come in a coordinating fabric.

The Sun Hats are available in 100% linen or cotton gauze fabric, the choice is yours. You also get the option to personalise your hat with your child's name or a slogan.

Colourways you can choose are (also see colourway image below):

  • 100% linen fabric - pink, cream, rust, olive green and taupe

  • Cotton gauze fabric - caramel, rust, mustard, salmon, rose pink and denim blue

Handmade Sun Hat

Linen fabric colourways and cotton gauze fabric colourways

Handmade Bonnets £20 (sizes from 0 months - 4 years)

Bonnets make perfect sun hats for little people as the tie underneath their faces stops the hat from falling off while they crawl, run and explore.

Popsy and Mama's NEW handmade Bonnets come in