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Handmade baby leggings in unique prints, sewn with care in the UK

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Popsy and Mama shares '7 ways to style' its printed leggings collection for the spring and summer months.

Popsy and Mama make handmade baby leggings and toddler leggings in the UK.

Hands up who's been living in their comfy clothes while at home during the COVID-19 virus? I have! There's something about my comfy clothes that makes me feel happy and safe.

I recently stumbled across a blog post from a mummy blogger in the US who wrote about the importance of children being comfortable in their clothes. Apparently, children who are comfortable in what they wear are more likely to get involved in play. Their emotional health is more likely to be age appropriate too.

I thought this subject was very relevant for everything that's going on around us. Our children's worlds have changed a lot and it's more important than ever that they feel safe, happy and content.

This got me thinking about the clothes I make. I've always aimed for my clothes to inspire fun, play and imagination. And right now, I promise this will be my priority more than ever before.

All hail the legging - the most comfortable garment around!

All this thinking sparked a blog idea about leggings. Yes, leggings! They're one of the comfiest items of clothing you can find. Poppy lives in hers, and I've started living in mine too.

Leggings made a comeback in 2005. Not only did the stretchy 'trouser' become fashionable again for adults, but they also started to appear more in baby and children's collections. Since then, the legging has stuck around and looks like it's here to stay. All hail the legging!

What makes Popsy and Mama's handmade baby leggings different?

  • They're inspired by what children want

When I began creating collections for Popsy and Mama I took a lot of inspiration from what my own daughter Poppy liked to wear. There's a preconception that girls like to sit and look pretty. Poppy can sit - but she likes to run, climb and explore too. That's why Popsy and Mama's handmade baby and toddler leggings are made from 92% cotton and 8% lycra. The lycra means there are no restrictions when it comes to adventure!

  • Lots and lots of colour

We used to have lots of plain leggings in Poppy's wardrobe, but it was the patterned and colourful leggings she liked to wear best. I always make sure Popsy and Mama's handmade leggings have lots of colour with interesting patterns for your little people to enjoy looking at.

  • Unique prints you won't find on the high street

I didn't want to make clothes you could find on the high street. What would be the fun in that? I work with extremely talented print designers to come up with different stories and themes we can tell through patterns, characters and drawings. All of these prints have to pass my mini-assistant's approval (Poppy). If she says "no", it goes!

  • Handmade with a lot of love

I treat every single order with a huge amount of love and care. Making clothes for your little people is my passion. I'm also a perfectionist. Every order is made by me in my home studio in Berkshire, UK. I'll only wrap and post your handmade leggings if I'm 100% happy with what I've produced.


Here's a look at some of my favourite Popsy and Mama prints for making baby and children's leggings. This is however just a snapshot. Every season I have over 30 different prints to choose from! Sizes go from 0-3 months all the way up to 9-10 years old.

Baby leggings

Popsy and Mama's handmade baby leggings can be made with or without feet. You decide! Sizes range from 0 - 12 months.

Baby leggings with feet in the "If You Go Down To The Woods Today" print.

Baby leggings without feet in "Pink Enchanted Forest" print

(also available in blue colourway)

Toddler leggings

Popsy and Mama's handmade toddler leggings for girls and boys are extremely popular. They have an elastic yoga waistband and you can opt for the Harem Legging style if your little one likes their clothes to be loose. Toddler leggings come in sizes from 12 months - 3 years.

Toddler leggings in "Bug Hunt" print

Toddler leggings in "Forest School" print

Children's leggings

Many girls - and boys - like to wear leggings. My Poppy, who's now 8 years old, lives in hers. That's why Popsy and Mama's children's leggings are sized all the way from 3 years to 10 years old!

Children's leggings in "Wonderful World" print


Printed leggings are much more fun than plain leggings, but what might stop you buying them is knowing what to pair them with.

I've got 7 styling tips for wearing printed leggings at home and for special occasions when we can be more sociable again!

No 1. Wear printed leggings with a plain top that highlights one colour

You may automatically go for a white, black, pink or blue top when pairing your child's printed leggings. However, make an outfit look even more 'thought through' by picking out one colour from the print on the legging. Find a top in this colour, and hey presto, you have a very stylish look!

No 2. 'Rock-in' printed leggings with a denim jacket

Louis our Brand Rep really knows how to put the 'cool' into a printed legging. Here he is rocking his printed leggings in a denim jacket, chunky knit jumper and pumps. Leggings aren't - and shouldn't be - just for girls. Boys look great in them too!

No 3. Dress up leggings with eye-catching accessories

Leggings are super duper comfy, but that doesn't mean they only have to be worn for adventurous or lazy days. Dress up printed leggings for special occasions with beautiful accessories. Here's Poppy looking rather delightful in a floral headband made by Flowers and Crowns. Makes for a perfect party look!

No 4. Coordinate printed leggings with a matching print top

Popsy and Mama has recently added to its personalised collection. You can now get letters in matching prints sewn onto t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies. All letters are attached to the front of the tops, apart from the zip-up hoodie where the letter is attached to the back. Match your printed leggings with a coordinated and personalised top for extra cuteness!

No 5. Twin with your brother or sister

Dressing siblings in matching clothes is a lot of fun for us parents, and thankfully a lot of little people like it too! You can either match siblings in the same prints, or you can coordinate their look with the same print in a different colourway. Brother and sister, Jensen and Jayde, are both wearing Popsy and Mama's leggings in the "Hedgehog" print. However, Jensen wears the blue colourway (Hector Hedgehog) and Jayde wears the pink colourway (Hattie Hedgehog). How sweet do they look!

No 6. Have fun with prints and mix them!

Even though it might 'look nice' to match and coordinate colours, there are no rules to say clashing doesn't look good too! After all, our children should be able to express themselves. Mix prints, clash colours and have fun with your baby or child's outfit. Here's Brand Rep Louis having lots of fun in his "Men Who Changed The World" printed leggings and stripy top!

No. 7 Twin with Mama!

Who said printed leggings had to just be for children? Popsy and Mama has recently released leggings for Mama's to the Twinning Collection. That means when you order leggings for your little one, you can purchase a matching pair for you too. Matchy matchy just got a whole lot more fun!

How to shop for printed leggings with Popsy and Mama

If you're not familiar with the Popsy and Mama shopping experience, I've got some tips for using the website to find exactly what you want.

Step 1: Choose your print

First things first, choose the print you want. You can find all of the different prints by clicking on 'Shop Collection' on the menu bar. You'll be able to see the various print collections available here.

Step 2: Choose your legging style

Once you've chosen your favourite print, click on it. This will take you through to the styles available in this print. Here you will see styles "Leggings" and "Harem Leggings". Click on your preferred style.

Step 3: Choose your size

Once you've chosen your legging style, click on the 'Size' drop down bar to choose the size you want. Popsy and Mama's leggings come in sizes from 0-3 months all the way up to 9-10 years.

Step 4: Confirm your purchase

Finally, click on 'Add to Cart' where you can complete your payment and delivery details. Please be aware it's me, Sam, sewing your wonderful orders. That means I take longer than big retailers producing garments in factories with lots of workers. I'm currently on a 4-6 week turnaround, but will always aim to get your clothes to you as soon as possible.

Instagrammers to follow over the next few weeks

Right before I go, I wanted to share some fab Instagrammers who have been sharing fun things you might find helpful over the next few weeks. Do give them a follow if you're looking for ideas of things to do with your little people:

Take lots of care and stay safe.

Sam x

P.S. Want to see more of Popsy and Mama's handmade baby and children's clothes collections? Check out my blog posts:

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We love leggings and comfy clothes! Isaac is nearly 5 and won’t wear jeans or anything restricting he lives in his handmade leggings. We especially love the choice of print at popsy and mama!


Love this. Can’t wait for Elsie’s items to come. Honestly never thought I’d be a leggings kind of mum, Elsie lives in them and rompers ❤️


Absolutely love this blog post! Styling tips are super handy too. I love my mama leggings & Jax loves all his leggings from you too! 🥰


Love leggings!! I couldn't agree more that kids should be comfortable in their clothes (and mama's too). So many beautiful fabrics to choose from here 😍 xxx


I love styling blogs! It's really positive for parents who are reluctant to dress their boys in leggings too! Clearly they look fab on any gender 😍

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