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Great Mother's Day gifts from small businesses in the UK

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Forget the big retailers this Mother's Day, here are some amazing gift ideas for your mum, grandma, aunt and wife from small businesses in the UK.

Great Mothers Day gifts
I'll be celebrating Mother's Day at the cinema with Poppy this year!

Mother's Day is on Sunday 22 March this year. It's a day that can be filled with many emotions. There's feeling 'thankful' to our own mothers and grandmothers for raising us and looking after us. There's feeling 'proud' if you're a mummy knowing it's a day to give yourself a pat on the back. But there's also some of us who will feel 'sad' if our mothers, grandmothers or aunts are no longer with us.

This year Mother's Day will be a little different for us as I'm off to the cinema with Poppy. One of Poppy's friend's birthday celebrations tends to fall on Mother's Day weekend, so we unfortunately normally miss her party. But, this year we didn't have any plans in the diary so Poppy's delighted we can go. To be honest going to the cinema is one of my favourite things to do, so I'll be more than happy spending Mother's Day watching a film with Poppy and her friends!

What are you up to this Mother's Day? Something nice, I hope!

In true #SmallBusinessLove style I wanted to share some Mother's Day gift ideas with you from small enterprises across the UK. The big retailers get enough of our money, how about we support small and local companies for Mother's Day this year? Many of these businesses will no doubt be run by mothers too, so let's make their day by shopping with them.

Here's to all you wonderful mums, aunts, grandmothers, great grandmothers, past and present. Thank you for all that you have done and do. This is your day. Happy Mother's Day!

Sam x


Great Mother's Day gifts from small businesses in the UK


Cost: £7

BUBU Skincare is a new business that's launched a range of vegan face masks. BUBU stands for "be u, be unique". Its ethos is about empowering women to be comfortable in their own skin. Sounds good to me!

There are currently five face masks available, however we've picked our top two to show you: Soak Me Wet for hydrating dry skin, and Feeling Dirty for protecting skin from everyday pollution. All masks have been designed with state-of-the-art ingredients including the latest thermo sensitive hydro-gel and topical botox. They're also suitable for vegans and contain environmentally friendly sparkle! Dry-free, cleansed and sparkly skin - what more could a mummy or grand-mummy want?


Cost: from £15

Howies is a small company based in West Wales. It makes high quality clothing that has less impact on our environment. Music to my ears!

All garments from Howies have been ethically produced using organic, recycled or natural fabrics. Not only is everything designed and made with the environment in mind, but Howies clothes look pretty cool too!

Two of my favourite pieces from the company's latest collection are the Boaty Long Sleeve Top and the Esc T-Shirt. I do love a stripe, especially a nautical stripe. And, I couldn't resist showing you the t-shirt. It made me smile. Many of us mothers would love to press the escape button once in a while!

LUXURY HOT CHOCOLATE from Calm Cocoa by Meredith Whitely

Cost: from £10.50

I've never thought hot chocolate was good for my wellbeing. However, after reading Meredith Whitely's story about Calm Cocoa, I'll now be taking a deep breath when drinking my cuppa!

Meredith worked in big corporate companies for many years, but high stress levels impacted her health and triggered Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Meredith realised enough was enough and took a leap out of the corporate world to launch "Food at Heart". Her business' aim was to help people tackle stress through what they eat while looking after their wellbeing.

"Food at Heart" has been a huge success and led to the launch of Calm Cocoa, a luxury hot chocolate, which Meredith produces in her kitchen just outside London. The idea behind Calm Cocoa is to remind us to take time everyday to sit down and switch off. Something many of us mums need to do!

Meredith sells a variety of hot chocolate flavours and only uses the best of the best ingredients. Right, I'm off to try the Salted Madagascar while sitting down in a quiet room...


Cost: from £29.50

Box of Hugs London was founded by three sisters following their mum's battle with a brain tumour. While their mum was ill they found it difficult to find appropriate 'thinking of you' gifts to send in the post, when they couldn't be by her side.

Thankfully their mum recovered from the brain tumour. This inspired the sisters to launch Box of Hugs London to fill a gap in the gifting-market they'd identified while their mum was unwell.

Box of Hugs London allows you to send thoughtful packaged gifts (hugs) in the post for all occasions. Whether you want to say thank you, thinking of you or Happy Mother's Day. The gifts are ideal when you can't see your family or friend to say these things in person.

The company has a large collection for Mother's Day, however there were a couple that caught my eye. The Bee-utiful Hug in a Box and the Afternoon Tea Hug in a Box. The Afternoon Tea Hug is also part of Box of Hugs London's partnered collection with The Brain Tumour Charity - £2 is donated for every box sold. So, why not say "Happy Mother's Day" this year knowing you'll be helping out a worthy cause too!


Cost: £69.99

Do you have days when your frizzy hair won't do anything you want it to? I do, which is why an email from the owners of Untamed got my attention!

Husband and wife, Sean and Clare, have worked alongside hairdressing gurus Nicky Clarke and Andrew Collinge for many years. Recently, however, the couple took a leap of faith (even sold their house) to launch a new hairdryer brand called Untamed. This is like no other hairdryer you've used as it can nourish your hair with Argon Oil whilst drying it.

Sean and Clare have developed a very fancy looking hairdryer nozzle that enables you to insert a small bottle of Argon Oil. The oil is then infused into your hair while you dry it. The result is smooth, soft and silky hair. Sounds good to me. It's certainly on my Mother's Day wish list!


Cost: from £15.99

As soon as Sharon, the founder of Sharmels, told me her business' name was a combination of hers and her mum's, I knew we had to showcase these wonderful glasses.

Sharon is very talented at crafts. A few years ago she took her sugar crafting skill a step further and started creating cold porcelain decorations for glasses and tableware.

Every order you make with Sharmels is bespoke to you. You tell Sharon exactly what you want and she uses her magic to create it for you. There's also a free colour matching service. If your mum likes a certain colour or has a colour scheme in her home, Sharmals can match this to a bespoke porcelain decoration for you.

Mother's Day is the perfect excuse to drink a glass or two of fizz, so why not make it extra special with a pretty personalised glass!


Cost: from £44.99

Now we've all admired personalised champagne glasses, we need something to fill them. This is where the wonderful business 'Say It With Champers' comes in!

Didier, who founded Say It With Champers, was born in Lancashire and is half French. He jokes the two cultures mixed together meant he was destined to own a business that would feature alcohol!

Ten years ago, Didier's dad bought him a bottle of personalised champagne from Reims in France on his wedding day. Didier and his new wife loved the gift. This inspired Didier to launch Say It With Champers to sell personalised champagne and wine bottles as gifts for special occasions.

A bottle of champagne will put a smile on many people's faces, yet a bottle of personalised champagne makes the fizz even more special. All this talk of bubbles is making me fancy some, so chink chink to all the mothers, grandmothers and aunts out there. Happy Mother's Day to you!

P.S. If you're ever looking for places to visit with your family in the UK, check out my 'Fun Time With Family' blog posts here.

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Some wonderful ideas, I don't know what we've got planned for Mother's Day, probably visit our parents and have and then afternoon at home x


There are some really fab ideas in here! I find it so difficult 'cause my mum's birthday is usually around the same time - so these have been really helpful ❤️

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