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First birthday ideas: How to celebrate your baby's first birthday in style!

Safe and Sound Event Childcare shares its tips for creating the perfect birthday party for your one year old.

Happy Friday. Did you have fun in the sun this week? I had planned to take a week off sewing, and I'm pleased I did as the studio would've been very hot!

This week I have another guest blogger taking over the Popsy and Mama blog. Excitingly, they're talking all about first birthday parties.

I remember Poppy getting to her first birthday milestone and feeling happy but emotional. It's a huge step in every parents life.

With all those emotions many of us like to mark our little person's first birthday with a celebration. And why not, it is a very big celebration after all!

Safe and Sound Event Childcare talk first birthday parties

This week, Safe and Sound, who specialise in childcare at events by putting on mini-events for babies and children alongside yours, are here to talk birthday parties. Experts in event planning, they've shared top tips for creating the best first birthday party ever!

Do give them a follow on Instagram for more child-friendly event tips too.

Sam x

P.S. Did you know Popsy and Mama has a "Birthday Panda" print?

The personalised print, especially for birthdays, is available for 1 year olds through to 5 year olds. It can be ordered in any style including dresses, rompers, t-shirts and more.

Popsy and Mama's "Birthday Panda" personalised print


We've got your baby's first birthday party covered. You are Safe and Sound in our hands!

Stephanie, founder of Safe and Sound, shares first birthday party tips

How to plan a super-stylish party for baby’s first birthday

The first year has flown by and it’s time to start planning baby's first birthday. This is a once-in-a-lifetime affair, and as parents, we all want to make it a memorable one.

Where do you start? As you begin to tackle a seemingly never-ending to-do list, those bubbles of excitement can quickly flatten.

Food, venue, decorations and invites. And what about the theme? Soon you’re a bundle of nerves, Pinterest-addicted, and have email and to-do list overload.

We at Safe and Sound understand everything you might go through to make your baby's first birthday extra special. But worry not, we've got top tips for planning the perfect first birthday - without the overwhelm!

However, if you'd like an extra helping hand why not enlist the help of a specialist company (such as Safe and Sound) who can lift the load by tackling some of the key tasks, or by taking away the to-do list altogether.

1. First things first – where to hold the party

It's a good idea to hold your baby's first birthday party at your home or a relative's home, as it will be a familiar and comfortable setting. However, you may fancy something a little bit different or just want to avoid the clearing up!

If your baby was born in warmer months, a local park, soft play or activity park could be an option, or alongside these are a host of other possibilities for baby’s first birthday party such as a local hotel, village hall or pub.

We work with a host of fabulous venues and can help source one that fits perfectly with your plans if you can't find the perfect place yourself.

First birthday ideas
Beautiful bell tent for party celebrations

2. Choosing a theme

A theme can make a big difference. Knowing that the party is all about mermaids, trucks or whatever theme you decide on, will help you make decisions about food, decorations, invitations and more. Party Pieces have some fabulous ideas for first birthday themes, so do check out these out.

3. Food and drink – DIY or call the caterers?

The food and drink you’ll put on will largely depend on the budget. If you go down the DIY route, you’ll also need to ask your guests about allergies. Or for headache-free organisation, find a venue that offers birthday parties as a package.

Whichever route you choose, have some fun with the party food at your baby’s first birthday party. Kids love fun shaped food so get out those cookie cutters on anything from sandwiches to biscuits.

Coloured fruit smoothies and fun jelly and ice cream combos make great party treats too.

Birthday party confetti

4. Indoors or outdoors (and the contingency plan)?

Spring and summer can tempt you out into the great outdoors for an afternoon of good weather and great company. Think picnics, ice cream and sun - mocktails for the little ones, Pimms for the grown-ups.