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February Half Term Days Out

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Looking for things to do this half term? Here are my top places to visit in the UK with family.

February half term is only two weeks away. Or if you ask my daughter, "10 more days left at school." Not that we're counting or anything!

Are you excited about the break? Or do you think it's come around too soon?

I always find we're never ready for February half term. It seems to creep up out of nowhere and then we end up making a last minute rushed decision about whether to stay at home or go away. It's never planned like the rest of the year.

I actually love staying at home. There are still so many places in the UK I want to take Poppy. It means we don't have the effort of packing a suitcase up either. Anyone else dislike suitcase packing as much as me?