Family Days Out In The UK

It‘s time to come out of hibernation, the clocks have changed the days are longer. The sun continues to tease us ever so slightly and invoke hope that the warmer days are coming. With these days on the way we thought we take a look at a couple of days out to enjoy.

Popsy and Mama Guide to Days Out

Can you believe it’s Friday again already. The weeks, actually the months are just flying by.

We have to say we’ve been very much looking forward to the arrival of Spring. Autumn and Spring are our 2 favourite seasons, we think they have the most change to off us, including lifting our mood and allowing us to embrace the longer warmer days that are coming.

It does seem a little crazy that since we last blogged a school term has past us by. We of course have been keeping busy with all your stunning orders and planning the new launches ahead. We think it’s going to be a really strong year with some beautiful classics getting added to the seasonal line ups.

As another term comes to an end and the littles look forward to two weeks off, we thought it might be a good time to look at days out and things you might need to do to keep them stress free and enjoyable.

Happy reading and have a fabulous weekend.


Sammie and Soph xx


Family Days Out

Time is precious

We don’t need to tell you this you know. You blink and you’ve reached a milestone. Whether it’s the first tooth to the first steps time goes way too quickly. Making every second count needs to be all of our priorities. We're not just talking about the little folk but for you big folk too. When you get 5 minutes that is pure uninterrupted YOU time make it count.

We always appreciate that money is a worry for all of us. We couldn’t have predicted the hike in utility bills the cost of living going up and suddenly that rainy day money slowly looks a little less healthy. Just remember the things you think you need to do to spend ‘valuable’ time with the little folk doesn’t have to cost the earth, or a days electric in this day and age.

You can have so much fun just being present and going somewhere new. Maybe there is a forest, beach or country park near you. I’d love to encourage you all to find a place close to home that you can go to as a family, to play whatever the ‘it’ games is (what’s the time Mr Wolf is a firm favourite of ours) and spend a couple of hours enjoying that time together. Leave the phones behind. Grab yourself a bag, chuck some drinks in (maybe some biscuits) and just go for it.

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Theme Parks

A fun and amazing day out, the good news is if you are careful with your planning you can enjoy days at a theme park and keep the costs down.

Now we all know of the 2for1 offers on consumable goods you get at the superstores. Milkshakes are particularly good for these at the moment. But you can actually saves heaps by looking at the benefits of rewards cards. Tesco club card rewards offer so many days out just for shopping with them.

One of our favourites that we do with this option is Legoland. It’s just down the road from us and it’s a really fun day out, even if I can no longer obtain my drivers license. The park has evolved so much over the last few years and every year it’s getting better and better. Not only are the rides amazing, the craftsmanship on the Lego sculptures blows my mind every time.

To keep the cost down further perhaps consider taking a picnic and enjoy that traditional day out experience with lunch on a picnic blanket.

Just remember whatever you do, pre plan and pre book your tickets. If Covid has taught us anything it that we are all capable of booking in advance for things.

Peppa Pig World is another good day out and it really does cater for everyone, you’ve got the long standing Paultons park side that had lots of thrill seeker rides AND it has the pink pig herself, there is sure to be something for the whole family to enjoy here.

Pre booking here is the only way to save some pennies. They never do offers but it is worth the money as it’s a really fun day out. I particularly like grandpa’s boat ride.

Zoo Trips

The zoo we hear you say? The place that the keep animals that aren’t in their natural habitat. While we totally get this point (believe us we do) we are also huge supporters in the work zoo’s do. Consider this, if the animals of the world weren’t kept in captivity there would be a lot less beauty upon the Earth. Unfortunately due to human influence on the planet a lot of the creatures simply can’t survive.

Zoos are fun and really educational days out, the little folk learn so much from a zoo trip and the wonder that they get to see something exotic is just incredible.

Some of our favourite zoos to visit in the UK are:

Marwell Zoo


Paradise Wildlife Park

Yorkshire Wildlife Park


Wingham Wildlife Park

There are a number of incredible safari parks to visit too. Longleat is an incredible day out they offer a walk round and a drive through area to the park, the monkeys are particularly mischievous and fun to watch. It also has a boat trip and a train ride to add to the experience.

West Midlands Safari Park is brilliant too. It had a little theme park within it and you can enjoy a selection of rides as well as lean about the amazing animals.

We have visited a few others too, including Woburn and Knowsley. Some advice at Knowsley, consider how much you like your car before going in with the monkeys. we actually view this from the sidelines as we saw a couple using a number plate as a skateboard.

if you are close enough to a zoo maybe consider some annual passes. For the cost of 2/3 trips you can have unlimited trips a year and if they are part of the Zoo network you’ll have the opportunity to visit so of the partner zoos too.

Things you might need to do:

Wherever your choice of days out is be it a National Trust site, a zoo, a theme park or just some place new our top times are below:

  • Pack a spare change of clothes, the best kinda adventures include a little dirt or water.

  • Take drinks and plenty of them.

  • A hat

  • Sun lotion, even on cloudy days 80% of the suns rays can penetrate.

  • Have your phone out of reach and truly live in the moment.

  • plasters, the nature of this play can be prone to trips and slips and even splinters.

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We hope you enjoyed this weeks guide to days out and what you might need to know. Hopefully there was some useful information in there for you.

We would LOVE for you to drop a comment on this blog and tell us where we need to visit this spring/summer season. We're open to ALL suggestions, we're sure there are some hidden gems that we’ve not known to visit before now.

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