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Enter the world of Magic: Lapland UK

Follow us for a glimpse through the magical portal in the woods on a journey to the most magical place in the UK to celebrate this festive time of year.

Hi! Happy Friday, have you missed us?

It's been all hands on deck here, we've worked through a few busy weeks with the Insiders Box and the lovely winter orders. Sammie is on track for the break she promised herself over the Christmas period.

We also visited our favourite place on Tuesday and I can honestly say it gets better in some way every year. That is what we want to talk to you about this week.

We're dedicating the blog this week to the fabulous Lapland UK. Every year they provide an experience that ignites that childhood wonder in me and Poppy is just mesmerised every time. I encouraged Soph (not that it took much) to visit this year and she's got some lovely photos for us to share with you.

We hope you are all set for Christmas, can you believe 2 weeks today is Christmas Eve?

Wishing you the most amazing weekend, stay safe.

Take lots of care,

Sammie and Soph x


Lapland UK

Through the enchanted portal to the heart of Lapland, join us on a walk through the most magical place in the UK.

Follow the lights, illuminating the forest paths

From the minute you turn into the car park the magic begins, you'll leave your car in the well lit car park and follow the safety paths to the check in desks. We'd encourage you to look at the wonder in your little folks faces as they meet their very first Elf who will issue with your official passport and teach both the little and big folk the customary Elf hello.

Compass Cooks founders

After the Elves have checked that the little folk are still on the exceptionally good list you will be guided to the special tree which is the birth place of all Elves in Lapland. From pinecones of all shapes and sizes each little Elf emerges and thus forth will celebrate their coneday.

Father Christmas needs help!

The good list is growing year on year as less coal is needed and more toys are required. The Elves try their hardest but they need all the help they can get to build toys for all the good children around the world, after all it wouldn't be nice for a child to be missed. Thing is you'll spend your time making a wood teddy because the silliest Elf Conker didn't hear Father Christmas right when he asked for good teddies.

Lucky for Conker the Elves have magic that can set things right.

All things sweet

How do you see Mother Christmas? Is it sweet and kind, jolly and the creator of the most delicious snacks? Well once you enter her magical kitchen it all becomes a reality. Decorating the gingerbreads and licking the icing off the spoon then you get to listen to Mother Christmas tell you a magical story.

The big folk can join in too, all are welcome to create a tasty treat in the most magical kitchen you'll ever step in.

Adventure around the Elven village

You'll leave the kitchen and follow the wooden pathway to the Elven village, you can grab some refreshments and meet the Elves. There is so much to do in the village.

You can also meet Father Christmas' very special Husky Hereos in the village too. There's Pixie Mixe's sweet shop (Poppy's favourite treat stop), the Elf Emporium, the Post Office and the Bauble Shop, all uniquely beautiful.

Saying hello Elf style

You can skate on the ice too with aids for the small folk, its a safe rink to take a few laps on.

There is a cute little pavilion that the Elves gather in to dance and teach the little folk sign language songs.

In the Elf Emporium there is a cute little wish shop that reminds us of the BFG dream cave. It's so beautiful and gives you the opportunity to make your very own wish.

Follow the snowy trail and magical lights

The final stop on the tour invites you to follow the snowy trails and the luminance of magic through the forest past the reindeer to the Elves that will take you to meet the big man himself.

Your little folk will be in complete amazement at the knowledge he has and the stories he'll tell them, it's not rushed and he really takes his time with the little folk to make the final stop on the tour, the most magical memory to walk away with.

I'll let your imagination picture what this is like as it's truly amazing.

It's all in the details

Both Poppy and I have enjoyed the trip over the years and this year I even had a little protest upon departure as she has convinced herself that she was going to live here with the elves. It's those moments that make it all worth it.

Our first visit

Our latest visit

I hope you have enjoyed the journey through Lapland with us. Hopefully we will be lucky enough to go again next year.

Every single one of the traditions you have is important to you and your household, I hope that you can keep these going through the generations. We would love for you to share some of your traditions with us.

Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe.


If you'd like to share your Christmas traditions, please leave a comment below.


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