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Endangered Species Day: Doing Our Bit

Today is endangered species day. Its falls on the 3rd Friday of May. People across the globe come together to celebrate and learn about endangered species and what part they can play in their survival.

Positive Wellbeing Zine for Mums
Critically Endangered Sumatran Tiger


Its been another busy week here at HQ. We launched our Popsy's Insiders boxes this week, I am so excited to hear from all of you that got one, I hope you love it and enjoyed the fun we had in the build up to the release?

This week, we thought we'd give a little focus to the changes that we have made to be more eco-friendly both with business and home life.

I hope you enjoy our endangered species day edit of the blog, there might even be a little treat at the end for you all.

Take care,

Sam x


Endangered Species Day 2021

We're making changes to play our part in the protecting the planet. You'll find tips on what we are doing and some beautiful books to help our little people understand the world around them.

New Popsy and Mama Packaging

Packaging makes a difference...

I'm sure some of you will have noticed the difference in our packaging, if you haven't as you're a new customer then I'm pleased to tell you that every decision we have made at Popsy and Mama HQ is in the interest of giving you an eco-friendly experience when shopping with us. It's something that is super close to our hearts, after all we want a home for our future generations don't we? Our bags are biodegradable meaning all the wonderful micro-organisms and fungi that our mother earth produces work their magic and decompose them, don't worry it doesn't hurt them!

One of the biggest threats is plastic pollution

It was after World War 2 that manufacturing plastic items took off but the scary fact, is that half of all plastic EVER produce has been made in the last 15 years, that's a crazy statistic isn't it, the last 15 years! Sadly this means every year around 8 million tons of plastic waste ends up in the ocean and can take 400 years to break down. The steps we have taken is to ensure we are not part of the problem. There is so much more we can do to try and be more conscious of single use plastics but we have definitely made a start.

Close up of our "Man Cub" Print
Other threats to the endangered species

One of our favourite stories is Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book. It's sad to think in generations to come upcoming authors may not know what a jungle is to write about. A conservation charity has warned that Orangutans, our beloved King Louis species could be completely extinct in as little as 10 years if no action is taken. Their habitat is being destroyed to produce palm oil. We nearly all consume products using palm oil. Although if sourced responsibility its actually one the better vegetables to farm for oil. The key is to look for the RSPO label on the products.

Poaching is another issue. There will always be people on the planet who value money over morals. People whose traditions past down over hundreds of years will be valued more.

Franklyn enjoying the forest with his Orangutan
It's not all bad

Threats to the animals of the world have been apparent for years, charities and scientists have worked hard to prevent further decline and their efforts are paying off!

In India the number of tigers in the wild have increased by 50% since 2014. Mountain Gorillas are also seeing an increase in population numbers over the last decade, which is promising for their survival. Another big success story is the Giant Panda. The conservation efforts that have been made to protect them has led to them no longer being classified as an endangered species, they now have a vulnerable status.

Although we are a long way off saving the planet, the efforts that are being made are working and that's reassuring to know.

Knowledge is power

I think it's amazing that authors and illustrators are creating really beautiful and educational stories around some of the biggest environmental issues. Below you will find a list of some of our favourite ones to curl up with.

Snuggle time in our "man cub" design

Keep doing everything you're doing. All the little things add up to the big things, even if you think your small changes aren't making a difference they are, trust in that.

If you want to do more, then start with the things within your control:

  • Think reusable: bags are a great start but consider other things like cloth nappies, make up wipes, baby wipes and fruit and veg bags.

  • Avoid throwing things away: Get creative, can it be recycled, upcycled, handed down, sold.

  • Check for recyclable materials: buy things in paper, cardboard or glass. Note the recycling resin codes, out of the 7 numbers only one doesn't have an impact when it's recycled, (2 is the magic number) the others release chemicals, including toxic ones.

  • Recycle tech: who doesn't have an old phone stashed away? there are so many recycling companies that will take phones, computers, laptops even a good old PDA!

Use the P.O.P.S.Y method:
  • Plant life: can you have fun growing your own, we know this isn't always practical, try local farm shops or when in the supermarket look for the foods not in plastic.

  • Observe: look for the labels, check if what you are buying is source responsibly

  • Participate: can you take part in any environmental volunteering like beach cleans or countryside clear ups? spread the word, social media is a powerful tool.

  • Sustainable: prioritise the use of natural and renewable resources.

  • You: Believe in yourself, the power for change is within you, use it.

Our Jungle VIP swinging in the trees

Thank you for reading our endangered species blog today. From the 21st - 23rd May all orders place will automatically received 4 free reusable face wipes as a way of thank you, or maybe even to give you your first steps as an eco warrior.

Sam x



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