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Easter Fun For The Family

Easter has always been an important celebration. One traditionally involved us attending Sunday School. It’s become so much bigger than that now. From letters from the Easter Bunny to egg hunts it’s the perfect holiday for getting creative and having so real family time.

Popsy and Mama Get’s Easter Ready

Sending you all the Good Friday feels today. We hope that the first week of the holidays has been a good one. For a 4 day week it certainly felt shorter still, we think we lost 2 days!

We’re hoping that you have done lots of amazing things this week. We’ve seen some pretty impressive baking on Instagram along with some amazing bonnets and the cutest craft, we think we have gained 10 pounds just scrolling.

If you are running out of things to do for the second week we’ve got you covered. From arts and crafts to baking we have a selection of great ideas to keep you busy.

Happy reading and have a fabulous weekend.


Sammie and Soph xx


Easter Fun For All

Easter Bonnets

I don’t think there is anything more Easter craft orientated that to make an Easter bonnet. So much so the likes of Hobbycraft and even Asda have released entire ranges to allow you to customise the perfect bonnet.

We are loving the out of the box ideas for bonnets. Louis has already told Soph what to make for the next 2 years, that is dedication to planning ahead.

Some of the tops tips we must include are:

• Invest in a glue gun they will always come in handy. It might even encourage you to think outside the box when it comes to arts and crafts in the future.

Reindeer moss this is a great way to cover a large area with greenery.

• Never underestimate the power of the little yellow chicks having said that they have now added lots of different farm animals which can make a really cute little scenes on your very own bonnet.

• Artificial flowers, I’m a sucker for adding artificial flowers to anything, especially any spring makes.

• Try foraging for some of the things to put on the bonnet, petals, grass, daisies and even feathers, anything that makes it unique to you.

Head over to the for more ideas on bonnet ideas.

Egg Painting

Another really fun and easy activity to do is egg paint. For as long as I can remember egg painting has been really quick and fun activity. I love seeing some of the food colouring option that are out there now too.

Whatever way you decide to decorate them make sure you boil the egg well before hand, no one wants egg everywhere!

Pintrest is amazing for inspo on anything creative so is a fabulous place to start. I have noticed that some people are using transfer stickers to design some pretty stunning eggs. As always for us we love all things Disney so our had a Disney theme. We also played with textures to add a little more to the activity.

Anything can be used to create texture to your eggs maybe some delicate daisy or blooming blossom might look amazing.

Easter Feasts

Why not have a little themed picnic. During lockdown we became masters of themed indoor picnics its definitely something we want to try and do more of outdoors this year, IF we have the promise of nice weather.

Marks and Spencers are amazing at offering themed seasonal food they do it so well that other supermarkets are offering themed treats too! (lets not start another Caterpillargate)

It doesn’t have to be a full on picnic though it could be something as simple as a themed graze board. These are becoming more and more popular with each significate event, I mean who really needs an excuse to enjoy a little graze?

Trending now is also Easter decorations. We’ve seen wreaths and trees, possibly the bit I enjoy the most is seeing how you all choose to decorate the table. I have seen some truly stunning set ups and they are getting bigger each year. Do you decorate the table?

We usually do simple décor and have a home cooked 3 course meal.

Ginger Ray are a fabulous brand for Easter décor, well any décor really they have such cool themed set ups for most occasions. A lot of their stuff is reusable too so its something you can keep and bring out each year.

Easter Baking

I love to bake and when I’m in the mood I can come up with all kinds of sweet treats. Easter is always a great celebration to indulge in sweetness, right? I’m sure the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy have a little side deal.Perfect collaboration between the two. Possibly the easiest and simplest Easter bake is the classic shredded wheat nests, completed of course with mini eggs. Simply crush up the wheat and add melted chocolate, shape as a nest, and add 3 eggs. So simple yet so tasty.

Spring styling ideas for kids

Mini eggs are the greatest additional for Easter bakes, add mini eggs to anything and you are sure to have an Easter treat in anything you make. We have featured them here on a cake, a cheesecake and the nests. The warning comes with this though. You may need a spare bag for those little snackers.

Egg Hunts

With the growth of Easter comes the wide range of local places offering some form of egg hunt. National Trust is always a really good one. They usually do super fun ones at each egg location will have some sort of activity, such as flying like a butterfly or tweeting like a bird.

We have done hunts at local castles that actually include looking for bonus things like crème eggs or golden coins but you’ll always have the super competitive families that clear that out as quick as they restock it. I much prefer the leisurely option of being able to complete the activity and collect the prize at the end for our efforts.

We do really enjoy having an egg hunt in the house and garden too though. It adds that little special touch that the Easter Bunny has visited your house, Just as Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy does. Adding that little touch of Easter Magic.

Easter Outfits

As a clothing brand we love that this is something that more and more people are considering a must for Easter celebrations.

From “My 1st Easter” vests to Easter themed designs we love seeing the styling for Easter. The first colours that come to mind are always a pastel pallet, I think it has a very spring like vibe! But anything bright always fills our hearts with happiness.

Our most popular choice for Easter designs has got to be our story inspired I love you this much design. You have greens, Yellows, Purples, and browns as a pairing choice for these ones. Its also subtle enough that it can be a year round print. Much like our ever so popular valentines print.

Louis wearing “I Love You This Much” top

Some of our favourite pairings for our makes if you are looking at the high street shops are, most of them all offer what we call good, better, best so cover things for all budgets.





George Asda

They all offer some amazing clothes for pairing and in our opinion are always ones that last a little longer.

Easter Bunny Stories

Legends are passed down generation to generation, I feel like at some point the stories changed and they become less about the folklore tales and much more commercialised. Stores are killing the magic by stocking rows and rows of eggs for months ahead of time (fearnot we have a way to explain this below).

We love Rise of the Guardians and the spin it puts on all the guardianships we as parents dutifully do with honour for the little folk. But what is the Easter Bunny Story to our little folk? Is it just a bunny that drops of eggs or hides them around our home? Are they a hero? Or simply another employee at the Cadbury’s HQ?

Take a Journey with us to the burrow of the Easter Bunny…

It’s coming to the end of the hibernation season, the animals awaken from their restful slumber and step out to the melting of snow and the first blooms of the new season. The flowers determination to bloom and break through the frozen ground to bring hope that Mother Earth is ready to shine in all her glory.

One little Bunny though does not rest, they work hard with a team of bunnies and an army of egg soldiers that are busy with Easter preparations. After all they don’t want a repeat of Easter ’89 where Father Christmas had to support in the delivery of the eggs to the little folk.

The Chocolate rivers flow through the burrow and the waterfalls glisten in the light of the sun shining through the rabbit holes. The fruit trees are ready for harvest in the orchard with the littlest bunnies up the wooden ladders picking the fruit to flavour the sweet treats we all love.

The Egg army are lined up and ready for service as they paint the candy coated chocolates all the colours of the rainbow. Another team await the arrival of the icon bunny shaped chocolate to careful wrap it in gold. Then the most helpful bunny in the burrow gets to bestow the honour of the luxurious red ribbon and cutest of golden bells around the gold wrapped chocolate bunnies neck.

Above the surface of the burrow the supermarkets and doing their best at stocking the copies they are sent to sell to all the kind folk who want to gift the special people in their life a sweet treat. Aunties and Uncles and friends are able to buy a symbolic easter egg for whom they wish.

These are not the treats the Easter Bunny brings.

Crafted beneath the surface in the burrow with love the Easter Bunny will deliver to the little folk, not only their favourite treat but its will have a unique taste different to those bought, that taste is the essence of love and happiness.

Now Father Christmas has his ways of finding which little folk is which, but did you know the Easter Bunny has their own tricks too? Did you ever wonder why he’s a bunny? Well bunnies have the cutest little nose with the most amazing sense of smell. A bunny was bestowed the honour of the guardianship because of their incredible sense of smell and so the moon choose the bunny. The Easter Bunny knows who you are because each and every little folk has a very unique smell.

The armies are finished, the bunnies are done and the Easter Bunny is preparing to come and deliver the little folk a sweet treat from the depths of the burrow. They travel underground and will emerge above the surface in different areas around the world. They love each and every little folk and will give them the sweetest stroke on the nose while they are sleeping to let them know they’ve been.

We hope you enjoyed your trip through the burrow and would love for you to share the story with your little folk and even asked them in the morning if they felt the Easter Bunny’s affectionate nose stroke. Or if you are out for a walk in the local area can they find the rabbit hole they used. Can they taste the difference between the Easter Bunnies treats and ones from loved ones?


We hope you enjoyed this weeks insight to our Easter stories and activities. You may have seen this week that we showcased the Summer collection ahead of our Launch on the 1st May. If you haven’t seen it, its over on the grid now. We have a couple of prints from the spring collection that we thought would be good to have a round a little while longer so these will still be available, they are Lift Wanted, One Sunday Morning and I Wrote To The Zoo

We also have a little surprise and something new coming too, which might help decide on pairing options for the Summer Collection meaning you can have almost an entire outfit as a shop small option. Any guesses? Fear not all will be revealed soon.

Finally We hope you have the most amazing Easter Break! Full of family time and laughter that is out wish for every single one of you. We are sending sunshine wishes that it’s a bright and warm weekend for us all.

Did you miss the Spring Collection launch? You can view the NEW collection here:


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