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Easter craft ideas for your little ones

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

'Oh, I could write a sonnet about your easter bonnet' Easter Parade

Popsy's picks of easter crafts and activities

Who doesn't love a good old crafting session? What's better than having a lovely extra long weekend to fit lots of crafts and activities in with your lilttlies? Do they love to get messy and creative? Then read on to see our easter activities and crafting top picks.

This week is part 2 of our Easter celebration, with a long weekend mostly spent at home we thoughts we'd share our ideas for entertaining the whole family in between the family catch ups you'll hopefully be making the most of this weekend.

My team were keen to join in again this week and share some ideas with you all, I hope you enjoy!

Whatever you have planned this weekend, I hope you have a wonderful time.

Sam x


Sock Bunnies

Make your own Easter sock bunnies

These super cute bunnie socks are easy to make with items you will likely have at home, what better use for a few of those odd socks you've got lying around! Lots of our team love making these, I've still go the snowman version Poppy made in Rainbows a few years ago. If you don't have the items you need, head to The Range or The Works as good craft suppliers. Here our lovely reps Grace and Noah show us how they made theirs.

What you'll need
  • An odd sock or two

  • Rice

  • Scoop

  • Thread or string

  • Needle

  • Ribbon

  • Scissors

  • Tall glass

  • Put the sock into the glass and pull the opening over the edges

  • Using your scoop fill the sock with rice up to the heel. Make sure you press the rice down so it's quite compacted

Having fun filling their socks with rice

  • Using the thread, tie off the sock so you have a ball with some of the sock sticking up. This will make the ears later

  • Get another piece of thread and put it around your ball approximately 2/3rd of the way up. Pull the string tight to create the head and body of your bunny

  • Using the scissors, cut the excess sock on the head in half. Shape each part into rabbit ears

Grace getting stuck into making her sock bunny

  • Using the needle and thread to make eyes and nose on your bunny. Alternatively, if you are using light coloured socks, you can use a permanent marker to draw these features on.

  • Lastly, get a length of ribbon and tie it around the bunnie's neck

  • Shape the body and head to suit, and there you have your sock bunnies

Thank you to Jo @adventures_with2littlebears

Noah having a go with his needle to create his bunnie's face


Easter Decorations

Creating cute bunnies and eggs to make your house look very on season

Lottie and Tyler had lots of fun creating some easter decorations, how sweet are these loo roll bunnies that make use of an everyday item in our house. They also made colourful easter egg decorations to make their house look really seasonal, you can go as all in as you want. Who doesn't love a glue, coloured paper, bobbly eyes and pipe cleaner activity! I know we love all things colouring in our house ... oh and I'm known for my love of my glue gun too!

You'll need
  • Empty toilet rolls

  • Bobbly eyes

  • Pipe cleaners and pom poms

  • Paper

  • Colouring pens

  • Glue

  • Colourful tissue paper

  • Cut up lots of 1 inch squares of colourful tissue paper, cut out egg shapes from A4 and A3 card/paper

  • Using glue sticks apply the coloured tissue paper squares to the egg shapes to make a colourful display in the pattern (or randomly) you want

  • Add the melted chocolate to the mashed up Shredded Wheat and sti

  • When they've achieved the pattern they're delighted with, using the glue they can add a couple of bobbly eyes

  • What a gorgeous pair of eggs

  • For the toilet roll bunnies get your craft materials together as pictured below

  • Paint the toilet roll in the desired colour, they don't just need to be bunnie colours

  • Using the glue sticks apply the paper ears and pipe cleaner whiskers and pom pom tail

  • Using felt-tip pens add faces to give your bunnies a personality

Thanks Emily, Tyler and Lottie @lifewith_tylerandlottie

Louis looking pleased with himself

Baker Ross are great for craft materials


Easter egg rolling painting

Messy easter crafting activity

Charlie had so much fun creating his paint rolling designs, Mama Nicola had the pleasure of cleaning up after. This is a super simple activity to do, just make sure you do it on a surface you can clean up afterwards.

You'll need
  • A cardboard box (I used a medium sized amazon box)

  • A4 paper cut into the shape of an egg

  • Sellotape

  • Plastic eggs you can find similar from amazon

  • 3-4 different colours of paint

  • Paint pots

  • Prepare your cardboard box by removing the flaps to leave an open rectangle

  • Loosely sellotape one of the paper egg shapes to the inside of the bottom of the box

  • Prepare 3-4 different paint pots with different colours of paint

  • Place a plastic egg in each paint pot

  • Put the paint-covered plastic egg into the box (randomly)

  • Once dried, you may wish to add stickers or jewels or other decorative pieces

Charlie had so much fun painting his eggs

Thank you Nicola and Charlie @another_nicola


Easter tuft tray play

Stimulating, explorative and sensory play

Vic loves to set up tuft trays for Arthur to explore different activities, stimulating his senses and exploring the different colours, textures and reactions. She makes her own playdough and colours the rice to coordinate the activities too. Isn't this set up full of Easter dreams, Lee has made a stand for Arthur's tuft tray off the floor which I adore as it makes it easier for him to move around the tray easily. I'm sat here a little jealous of the fun Arthur was having!

Choose the easter themed toys and materials you'd like to include. Vic chose to colour theme sections of the tray, finding easter books, using different containers for the rice, pom poms and paper. She found lots of yellow coloured shredded paper, hiding Easter chick in it, along with coloured themed pom poms and building blocks.

You'll need
  • Uncooked rice

  • Food colouring

  • Plastic food bag

  • Homemade playdough from store cupboard ingredients, BBC Good Food have a fab recipe here's a link

  • Create the playdough according to your recipe

  • Dye the rice by popping the dried rice in the food bag and mixing it with a few drops of food colouring (to the desired colour), once the rice is all coated tip onto a tray and allow to dry for 24 hours

Arthur loves exploring his tray set ups, touching all the different textures and getting creative with his play and finding all the hidden things too

Arthur is wearing his 'Pooh Sticks' long sleeve top from our spring collection


Egg Painting

Getting arty for easter

Soph and Louis had so much fun creating their Disney inspired painted easter eggs. Painting eggs is one of my favourite things to do at easter, I can still remember piercing holes in the top and bottom of eggs and blowing the middle out. There are so many decorating options the possibilities are endless

You'll need
  • Eggs

  • Paint

  • Paint brushes

  • Decorations such as gems or pom poms

  • You can either remove the uncooked egg white and yoke by piercing the top and bottom of the egg and blowing from the top of the egg (being careful not to suck the uncooked egg up)

  • You'll need a cup of water to wash your paint brush

  • Paint away to create the design you'd like

  • Leave to dry

  • Admire

  • Have fun creating the designs you like, its Disney every time for Soph and Louis, which I obviously approve of

  • Use marker pens to add detail or even glue pom poms or jewels to finish

Thanks Soph and Louis @life_with_the_cookes


I hope you've loved all of these ideas to keep your little ones busy over the long weekend.

Easter Bonnet Parade

As I said last week, I'm a big fan of Easter Parade with Bing Crosby and Judy Garland - today I'll start our own Popsy and Mama Easter Bonnet Parade that have been entered into the competition so far. Don't forget to send us photos of your Easter bonnets being worn and we will share them all on our stories, for every photo shared we will pop your name into a random prize draw to win store credit. 1st Prize £20, 2nd Prize £10 and 3rd Prize £5 P&M store credit. I will share bonnets through Easter Monday and draw the winners on Tuesday 6th April. You don't need to have bought from us or be wearing P&M clothes to enter.

Our new rep Cala had lots of fun with Leo creating his easter bonnet, they used a pack from Baker Ross

Poppy and I are going to make her bonnet on Saturday morning, I can't wait to show you. Let's fill the grid with bright, fun snaps full of Easter cheer!

Easter days out

One of our family traditions is to visit our local National Trust house to do their Easter Egg Hunt, we missed it last year but I'm so excited its back this year. I spent an hour in a queue last week to get our timed entry slot for Easter Sunday and we're all excited to go. We were so impressed with how well NT are managing their visitor numbers at the moment and are feeling confident we can all enjoy a nice family trip out! Soph and Louis went to their local trail this week and it looks like Louis had a fab time, of coarse he was wearing his P&M easter leggings. Whatever you are doing this weekend, stay safe and have fun x


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