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Creative and personalised family blankets for snuggling up together

Make lazy mornings and nap time snuggles more cosy with a personalised family blanket.

Creative family blankets that can be personalised

Family blankets have become an essential in my house since spending more time at home in lockdown. It seems they've become popular in your lives too as the creative family blanket orders have increased - a lot.

Because of this, I thought it was about time to show the Popsy and Mama Blankets and Comforters some love on the blog. Below you'll find details about the styles and prints available, but as with every Popsy and Mama item you can customise and personalise your family blanket however you want. The power is all in your hands!

Happy blanket browsing.

Sam x

(Popsy and Mama founder)

P.S. I'd love to see your family blanket pictures. Please do share them with me on my Instagram page here @popsyandmama.

Snuggle up, get cosy and relax...

Family Blankets

Popular creative family blanket styles and ideas about how to personalise them.

1. Personalised Baby Blankets

You can never have enough blankets for little people. Poppy's blankets were constantly in the wash after endless milk feeds, pram walks and tummy time sessions. Since having Poppy I now always buy friends and family a blanket when they have a new baby. Blankets can often be overlooked next to the cute outfits hanging on the rails, but I truly believe you can never have too many. You can make our Popsy and Mama blankets even more special by personalising them either with an initial, name or special saying. Why not buy a matching outfit to go with the blanket too?

Blanket price: from £37

Size: 100 x 70/80 cm (approx measurements)

creative family blanket
Personalised baby blanket.

2. Personalised Blankets for toddler naps

Hands up whose toddler refuses their nap? Wind back a few years and my hand would most definitely be up! Why not make nap time more exciting by introducing a personalised blanket all of their own. You can get them to choose the print, the lining and whether they have their name - or even their favourite teddy's name - on it. If your toddler associates sleep with a special blanket you might have more luck getting them to doze off. Here's hoping anyway!

Blanket price: from £37

Size: 100 x 70/80 cm (approx measurements)

3. Large Creative Blankets for all the family

I'd rarely sit down and watch a film with my family prior to 2020. But, the extended amount of time at home has meant snuggling down to watch TV together has become a favourite pastime. Made even more of a treat with popcorn thrown into the mix! We cosy up under a large blanket, big enough for all of us to squeeze under, and our family blanket now holds many happy memories. If you want to make your sofa time more squidgy check out the Popsy and Mama creative family blankets. You get to choose your print, lining and any personalised details. This could be your family name or a quote that's special to you all.

Blanket price: from £37

Size: 100 x 70/80 cm (approx measurements)

4. Personalised Comforters

Did you have a comforter when you were little? I had one and I still remember how it looks and smells now! If you like the idea of passing on the comforter tradition to your little one we have large and small styles that can be personalised however you like. All comforters can be made from any Popsy and Mama print and you can put your little one's name or initials on it too. I've also made sure these comforters can be washed time and time again. I know how messy they can get after being taken everywhere!

Comforter price: from £27 for a large comforter

Size: large 50 x 50cm, small 25 x 25cm (approx measurements)

5. Personalised Christmas Family Blankets

Family blankets seemed to be the Christmas present this year. Lots of you went mad for a snuggly festive throw. The Christmas season is made for endless hours of relaxing on the sofa with the little ones. There are always so many lovely films to watch to get you all in the festive mood. Maybe it's time to invest in a personalised family blanket for your brood? Or the blankets do make good presents for the friend who's impossible to buy for! Every year I always make sure there are new Christmas prints to discover. Keep your eyes peeled.

Blanket price: from £37

Size: 100 x 70/80 cm (approx measurements)

6. Extra Large Family Blankets

I've had quite a few 'extra large' blanket requests to allow even more family members to snuggle under. They're not part of Popsy and Mama's main collection but I am now making a limited number of extra large Family Blankets each month. If you fancy getting more blanket for your money, drop me a message here and I'll be in touch to chat about your requests.

Blanket price: £80

Size: 130/150 x 150 cm (approx measurements)

Popular prints

Creative family blankets: most loved prints

Our blankets are bought in all kind of prints but there are some ordered more than the rest. See below for details about popular blanket prints: Autumn Days, Children Who Change the World, Kind Stranger, Home Sweet Home and Birthday Panda.

Autumn Days

Think hot chocolate, woolly jumpers and comforting cuppas. That's what Autumn Days oozes. This print gives off such cosy vibes that it's no wonder it's become a popular print for a Popsy and Mama blanket.

Children Who Changed The World

Inspire your little one to believe they can do anything with stories about some of the children who changed the world. From Anne Frank to Alex Deans, each one has an incredible story that's important to share. Talking about positive history under a blanket with your family - sounds idyllic right?

Kind Stranger

"Animals and nature at their best", sums up the Kind Stranger print. It was exclusively designed for Popsy and Mama by Isabelle at Abel and the Label. Little Abel had a wonderful encounter with a horse one day, and Isabelle captured the magic beautifully in this print. You'll certainly feel 'at one' cosied up under this printed blanket. It makes a gorgeous print for a comforter too.

NEW Home Sweet Home

When I saw this print I knew it had to be mine, especially after the pandemic. Home is where the heart is and a blanket with everything that reminds you of a happy home is destined for good snuggling memories. Remember blankets can be personalised too. This one looks great with the family's surname on it!

Birthday Panda

The Birthday Panda print is available for every age from one to five. A blanket or comforter in this print makes a special present for a little person celebrating a milestone. Make your gift even more special by personalising it with a first name and birth date too.

"Look after me, and I'll look after you", said the family blanket.

How to care for your family blanket

Blankets, especially special family blankets, hold a lot of memories, so caring for them so they last is a must. Not to mention my 'make do and mend' philosophy to ensure we look after our planet.

Here are my top tips for caring for your personalised family blanket:

1. Machine wash in warm water.

Blankets will always need a wash - especially one's used by the whole family! Pop them into the washing machine with similar colours and wash at 30 degrees (40 degrees is okay too).

2. Hang out to dry.

When your blanket has been through the wash give it a shake and hang it out to dry. Don't tumble dry as the faux sheep fleece lining won't like it. It'll keep it's shape much better drying on a washing line too.

3. Iron if creased.

It doesn't matter if blankets are a bit creased, it makes them all the more snuggly! But, if you do want to iron yours, you can. Iron on the print side at a temperature of 180 degrees.

4. Don't use bleach for stains.

It might be tempting to try bleach on stains, but please don't as it will fade the print. If a machine wash can't get rid of stubborn stains drop me a message and I'll give you some tips. My Brand Reps have the best ideas for shifting tough marks from Popsy and Mama items that are loved.

5. Keep away from fires.

Be careful with your blankets around fires. The faux sheep fleece lining could catch a naked flame. Hopefully your blanket will keep you warm enough that you won't even need the fire on.

6. Tell your blanket you love it, often!

Look after your blanket, and it'll look after you. Snuggle into it, wrap it around the whole family and relax...

Film watching under your blanket.

Films to watch under your personalised family blanket

I've always loved stories, fairy tales and adventures and am delighted my enjoyment for these things have been passed down to Poppy. It was our fun times spent reading together that inspired me to create my Childhood Tales Print Edit. I've worked with some fabulous print designers to develop fabrics for treasured stories such as Paddington Bear, Sound of Music and Peter Pan.

Inspired by the films Poppy and I have recently enjoyed watching together the most, I've compiled a list of ten films to watch snuggled down under your family blanket! Feel free to add more of your favourite films in the comment box below.

Top Ten family films to watch snuggled in a blanket:

  1. Paddington Bear

  2. The BFG

  3. The Jungle Book

  4. Harry Potter

  5. Sound of Music

  6. Peter Pan

  7. The Wizard of Oz

  8. Sword in the Stone

  9. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

  10. The Secret Garden

Family blankets available in popular 'Childhood Tales' prints.

Special blanket deals

Family Blanket sale

Keep an eye out for our special offers that appear every now and then throughout the year.

Currently you can get a Blanket for £23 in the below prints:

  • Navy Enchanted Forest

  • Willow Tree Friends

  • Hidden Key

  • Yellow Brick Road

  • Tribal Family

  • Magical Bunnies

  • Starry Night Hare

  • Cherry Tree Lane

  • Men Who Changed the World

  • Owl and the Pussy Cat

  • Summer Foliage

You can view all the prints mentioned above here.

Blankets in Cherry Tree Lane and Hidden Key print now £23 each.

That's all the blanket talk for now! If you have any questions you can get in touch here.

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Macala nicholds
Macala nicholds
Mar 02, 2021

All the dreams. These look so snug and absolutely perfect for a family day at home watching movies ☺️


They look so soft and snuggly! Xx


Feb 05, 2021

We love our popsy blanket, it’s Isabelle’s got blanket on our winter walks as it’s so snuggly ❤️


We love our p&m blankets, so soft and super special 😍💕xxx

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