Small Business Love for Craft Cottage Studio

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Craft Cottage Studio paints and draws artwork for fabrics. Check them out and show them some small business love!

If you're a regular reader of my blog posts then you'll know I recently started a Small Business Love series.

Now, more than ever, I want to hand over my blogging platform to small businesses to support them throughout this very uncertain time. I know many wonderful businesses (that are crucial to a families' income) won't survive over the next few weeks. So, let's continue to support those that matter to us, where we can.

One business that matters to me is Craft Cottage Studio founded by Sarah Nixon. I'm particularly fond of this small business as it's where I buy many of Popsy and Mama's prints. Sarah is one talented artist!

Right, it's now over to you Sarah. Welcome, Craft Cottage Studio!

Small Business Love for Craft Cottage Studio


Tell us your business' name and what it's all about...

Mu business is called Craft Cottage Studio. I (Sarah) hand paint and draw artwork which I then turn into seamless designs. These then go on my Instagram page for people to purchase. I design custom designs too.

What's the story behind Craft Cottage Studio?

I've been in the design industry for approximately 10 years. The majority of my career (8 years) has been spent as an in-house designer for ASDA George Home. It was an amazing job. I worked across many areas designing products in bedding, bath, lighting, and accessories to name a few. I was able to travel to Paris, China and India which was amazing.

When I was due to return to work following the birth of my little boy, it didn’t work out from a family point of view. It was a long distance commute each day.

This bought me to the decision to start up Craft Cottage Studio. Doing what I love and what I feel so passionate about, makes this designer mamma so happy!

Craft Cottage Studio
Sarah Nixon, founder of Craft Cottage Studio, with her husband and son.

How do you juggle managing your own business around a family?

It’s been tricky at times, but I started out designing and painting in nap times and night times. Recently however, Ted started nursery which has allowed me to work in that time.

I’m quite flexible with my working time as I feel that’s what our family needs. I always try and keep weekends completely clear in terms of work!

Tell us what it's like launching a business in the UK. Any tips?

Launching my little business on Instagram has been wonderful. It was massively daunting at first, I felt I didn’t know how it worked. I was lucky I could speak to lots of other businesses who were very helpful. I've learnt not to be scared to ask.

A tip for launching a business on Instagram is that your page has to work for you. However, you do need to take into account the reasonable amount of ‘maintenance’ to make sure your grid and stories get viewed. Keeping images fun and eye catching are a great way to draw people in!

I'd also recommend keeping on top of your admin as at times it can run away with you. Keeping it simple and in order is key for me. I don't have any complicated technical systems in place!

What’s been your most valuable business investment?

Being a freelancer means I didn't need many large investments to get started. I have however bought a cracking scanner and I always buy quality paper. My paints I've had for years because they're lovely to paint with.

What advice would you offer people who want to launch a business on Instagram?

Go for it and ask questions! Keep your Instagram posts interesting and have fun with them.

If you're thinking of starting a making or printing business just always keep a balance of life and work. I've seen a few companies on Instagram where they've had to take a break as work was taking over. Be honest with yourself about how much money you need and that this is reflected in your business i.e. don’t take on too much. Your customers will respect you more for being honest and taking time to produce your beautiful products.

What small businesses would you like to show some love to?

Oh my this is the hardest question of all as there are so many!

Tiny Bubble Store, Tiny Bundles Handmade, Little Wild Fin, Elzah Fabrics, Little Legs Fabrics and of course Popsy and Mama! There are many more I could mention.

Where can we find out more about you?

Instagram: @Craft_Cottage_Studio

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