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Christmas activities you can do at home

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Three fun, simple and cheap festive activities to try at home with your children.

I love Christmas. There's so much going on with school plays, visiting Father Christmas (not the real one of course), and if we're lucky a trip to the local pantomime.

However, as much as all of this is lots of fun, it can get very expensive.

Follow Share Your Play With Me on Instagram.

I've been following Abbie, who founded Share Your Play With Me on Instagram.

It always amazes me how Abbie can turn the simplest things you have at home into a fun activity for the littlies.

Abbie was a Primary School Teacher before she had her two gorgeous children. While on maternity leave she's created a really engaging Instagram page to help and inspire parents with activities to keep little people entertained. There are activities to play with your child and activities to help them play by themselves. Abbie knows how hard it is to get anything done with young children so creates 'self-led' play ideas to help her community grab 20 minutes to load the dishwasher, finish life admin or even sit down with a cuppa. Genius idea!