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5 last-minute ways to celebrate VE Day in lockdown with the kids

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Activity ideas for your family as we celebrate another bank holiday in lockdown.

VE Day activity ideas for kids
VE Day activities with the kids: why not try painting rainbows on faces! | Photo credit @theadventuresoftillyandco

Last-minute ideas for celebrating VE Day and the Bank Holiday weekend in lockdown with the kids

The past few weeks and days have blurred while juggling sewing around Poppy's 'school' and lockdown family life. And it seems during this blur VE Day and the bank holiday weekend have crept up on me! Has the same happened to you?

Friday 8 May marks Victory in Europe Day

Today, Friday 8 May, marks VE Day (or Victory in Europe Day) which is the day World War Two came to an end as Britain and its Allies accepted Germany's surrender. The early May Bank Holiday is normally on a Monday, however this year it was pushed back to enable the country to take part in celebrations together. Little did we know these celebrations would take place in lockdown!