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Behind the scenes: Happy 50th birthday to me!

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

This weekend I'll be celebrating my 50th birthday, so I thought this called for another 'behind the scenes at Popsy and Mama' post. If you want to know more about how I'll be celebrating, read on!

Happy 50th birthday to me!

Here we are at Friday again! How has your week been?

This week was another busy one for me as I opened the Popsy and Mama shop again for the Summer Collection. Thank you all for your wonderful orders. I'm excited to get stuck into making them. Can you believe the next shop opening will be for the Autumn Collection! Where does the time go?

Feeling fabulous at 50!

I've also been looking forward to this week because it's my big birthday on Sunday (12 July). I never thought I'd be excited about turning 50, but I really am. There's definitely something in the saying, "feeling fabulous at 50!"

Pre-pandemic I had plans to celebrate by going on the most amazing trip to America. I also had a damn-good party with family and friends in the diary. I initially felt sad that I couldn't do all of these things, but then realised I still can - just not yet.

I'm celebrating in true-virtual-lockdown-style

Instead I'll be celebrating in semi-lockdown-style with a Zoom quiz, a Zoom afternoon tea with my brothers, lunch at my parents and lots of different small celebrations in my garden!

I was thinking about how I could celebrate my birthday with all of you and my lovely Popsy and Mama team had an idea about answering 50 questions you might not know about me. At first I wasn't convinced we could find 50 questions, but we did.

Here they are: 50 things about me to celebrate my 50th!

50 things about me to celebrate turning 50

My childhood

1. My name is Samantha Legg and I was born in Middlesex.

2. I grew up in Cookham, Berkshire, with my parents and three brothers.

3. I went to primary school in Cookham.

4. My secondary school was Embrook School in Wokingham .

5. I then went onto Southampton University to study History and Geography.

6. Some of my best childhood memories is of the adventures I'd go on with my Nana.

A little version of me!
My family now

7. I met my husband Simon in 2007 and we got married in 2012.

8. Our daughter Poppy arrived soon after. Poppy's now 8 years old.

9. We have a cat called Lola who is mad and talks a lot!

10. I'm lucky to still have both of my lovely parents who live nearby. We're very close.

11. One of our favourite things to do as a family is get outside and explore.

Simon, Poppy and I on a favourite family holiday

Me and Poppy, and our talkative cat Lola!

Ambitions and career

12. When I was younger I wanted to be a Nursery Nurse when I 'grew up'.

13. My first job was a Saturday job at a local haberdashery shop.

14. After Uni I wanted to be a teacher. However, I soon realised it wasn't for me!

15. My career in customer experience and service includes roles at Disney, British Airways and Three.

16. I chose to leave my career at the end of 2019 and work on Popsy and Mama full-time!

Popsy and Mama
In my happy place!

Me at University, and years later surrounded by my gorgeous Popsy and Mama Brand Reps

Sewing and other skills

17. I first learnt to sew when I was 8 years old, my lovely Nana taught me.

18. The first thing I ever made was a pencil case!

19. I loved sewing so much that I soon taught myself how to make clothes.

20. At university I'd make ballgowns and special occasion outfits for me and my friends.

21. When Poppy was born I made baby and children's outfits for her.

22. Alongside sewing, I can knit, crochet, make cards, do embroidery, tapestry, toy making, pottery painting and junk modelling (which helps with many school projects!)

23. The one talent I wish I had was the ability to paint pictures. One day...

Me with my Nana who taught me to sew.
Popsy and Mama stuff

24. After years of making clothes for Poppy, I launched Popsy and Mama in 2018.

25. Popsy and Mama originally sold woven items only - jersey came later.

26. The Popsy and Mama studio is based at my home in Thatcham, Berkshire.

27. You might've guessed by now, but Popsy and Mama is named after my daughter Poppy.

28. I've purchased over 200 prints for Popsy and Mama. I can't help myself!

29. Prints only make the final edit if Poppy and my Brand Reps love them as much as me.

30. My favourite print of all time is "A Kind Stranger".

31. Out of all my designs, my favourite thing to sew is a Pull-On Romper.

32. I currently make 70 garments every single week.

33. I plan my collections 6 months in advance. Christmas is done, I'm working on spring!

34. My ambitions for Popsy and Mama are:

  • 1 year - having various collections of clothes all the 'shop-small-mamas' want to buy

  • 5 years - Popsy and Mama collections sold in one or two small shops

  • 10 years - Popsy and Mama collections sold in a number of shops across the UK

Poppy in one of my very first woven designs

"A Kind Stranger" print and Popsy and Mama Pull-On Romper

Miscellaneous and fun

35. My favourite food is Thai.

36. My favourite tipple is any kind of gin!

37. My favourite treat is seeing and listening to live music.

38. My favourite things to watch are Downton Abbey, Death In Paradise and The Durrells.

39. My favourite book all of time is The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

40. My favourite thing to wear is sweatshirts. I own loads!

41. The 'best' thing about lockdown was seeing Poppy learn to ride her bike.

42. Worst thing about lockdown was homeschooling. I'd be no good at teaching!

43. If I could only shop in one place it would be John Lewis. It has everything.

44. Coffee or tea? Earl Grey weak and milky tea, every single time.

45. If I could have a super power it would be the ability to fly!

46. If I could be an animal I'd be a giraffe. They're pretty impressive.

47. Most treasured possessions are my Nana's autograph book and her engagement ring.

48. If I could be a fairytale character it would be Wendy from Peter Pan. She gets to fly!

49. My biggest fear? Being in water with fish.

50. Finally, top of my bucket list is cycling across the Golden Gate Bridge. Next year...

Homeschooling Poppy in lockdown. Never again please!

Fave things: Earl Grey tea and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

So, there we go, 50 things you might not have known about me. It's been a ball!

Later today I'll be downing tools to start the celebrations. Have a great weekend. The sun is meant to shine. Until next week...

Sam x

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