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Behind the Scenes at Popsy and Mama No. 4

Want to know how it all works behind the scenes? This month I'm chatting growing Popsy and Mama, new collections in the making and of course, all things Christmas!

Popsy and Mama founder
Me, wrapped up warm, with my family.

It's been a while since I've written a 'Behind the Scenes' blog post. In fact, the last time I was writing to you all I was in lockdown home-schooling Poppy. Boy, am I pleased home-schooling hasn't come back again this term. It definitely confirmed I wasn't destined to be a teacher!

Since July, it's been go, go, go. I have you lovely people to thank for that. Despite a pandemic, you've all stuck by me and continued to dress your precious little people in my handmade clothes. I honestly thank my lucky stars every day that Popsy and Mama is still very much alive. Thank you!

I know the last few months will have bought challenges. I hope you've managed to find ways to entertain your families and keep smiling? Poppy and I were stuck for things to do last weekend so I caved and we went and picked our Christmas tree. I have admit it was the best day ever. I know we still had a way to go until December, but it really lifted our spirits. Simon, my other half, even agreed to put the outside lights up on the house!

How about you? Have you got your tree up yet?

Right, I'll stop all the Christmas waffle and get onto showing you a peek behind the scenes at Popsy and Mama!

Take care and speak soon,

Sam x

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Christmas jumper for kids
"Pick me, pick me!" Poppy choosing our Christmas Tree, dressed in "Train to the North Pole" sweatshirt.

What's been going on behind the scenes

at Popsy and Mama

New eco-friendly packaging

Have you seen the new Eco-friendly packaging yet? Making my business sustainable and environmentally friendly is always at the forefront of my mind. You may have noticed I sell some Eco products like my reusable baby and face wipes. While I've loved wrapping your items in the Popsy and Mama tissue paper with name tags and cute boxes, I was conscious that I could streamline my packaging to be better for our environment.

After much research I came across some fabulous Eco-friendly bags (see image below). They're biodegradable with an "OK Compost" certificate which means they can regenerate and replenish themselves. They can still fit through your letterboxes too.

I realise they might not be as pretty, but they are better for our world.

I'd love to know your thoughts on them. What do you think?

Popsy and Mama packaging
New Popsy and Mama Eco-friendly packaging

Stuck for stories to read at bedtime? Check out my Turning Pages.

I love reading stories and I'm pleased to say my passion has been passed down to my daughter, Poppy. When I launched the Childhood Tales print edit I realised just how much many of you enjoyed reading stories, especially with your little ones, too. This inspired me to come up with the Turning Pages idea. Each week one of my Brand Reps read part of their favourite story and share the reasons why they love the story so much. In return, we'll hopefully help inspire you with bedtime reading ideas if you're ever stuck for stories to read with your little ones. If you've missed the books we've shared so far, you can catch up on my Instagram Stories here.

Popsy and Mama Turning Pages
Turning Pages, check it out for bedtime reading inspiration.

What print do you want to see in the Childhood Tales Edit?

My first Childhood Tales print edit launched earlier this year and I couldn't believe the positive reaction it received. It just shows how much we all love a bit of nostalgia.

So far, the Childhood Tales print edit has included prints inspired by The Jungle Book, Paddington Bear, Peter Pan and a favorite of Poppy's, The Faraway Tree. I have some new Childhood Tales prints in the making for next year - I can't wait to show you them. However, if there are any stories you'd like to see made into a print, please let me know. I always love listening to my customers' ideas and doing everything I can to turn your wishes into reality.

Drop me a note if there's a childhood tale print you'd like to see and I promise to do my best to make it happen.

Paddington Bear print jumper
Paddington Bear inspired print, "Windsor Gardens". What story would you like to see?

Market Nights are here to stay, for now.

Wow, big wow to your reaction to my Market Nights on my Instagram and Facebook pages. I've always known that my customers ideally would like to click 'buy' and receive their items within a week. However, as you know, I'm one mama doing all the sewing so it's just not possible. To try and fulfill your wishes I thought long and hard about ways I could dispatch your items sooner. Making up some styles before your orders came in, and selling them via a Market Night, seemed a way to make it happen. I don't want to move away from custom-made orders, after all that's what Popsy and Mama is all about. However, as so many of you have enjoyed being able to buy off-the-shelf I will be holding more Market Nights for each collection.

To be in the know about Market Night dates stay in touch with my Instagram and Facebook pages as all announcements are made there first. I will be holding a Market Night for 'blankets' next week, so keep your eyes peeled.

Printed animal leggings
Ready-made styles in Market Night sales. Find out more on my Instagram and Facebook pages.

New employees on the block!

Now, this is a big announcement for me. I have grown my team! As my little business has grown it became very apparent that I needed to reach out for extra support to ensure I could keep making your orders as fast as my needle and thread would let me. I've hired three new very talented people who are now helping me to run Popsy and Mama in a much calmer fashion. It means I can spend more time planning ahead and get lots of fabulous exclusive designs created for your precious little people. A big thank you to my new team members. Here's to 2021!

Right, that's it for this month's behind the scenes. But, before I go I wanted to share with you my next opening dates. Sunday 13 December is my next big opening where I'll be taking orders for the Winter Collection of handmade baby and children's clothes.

After that, I will be closing the shop until January 2021 so I can spend some time with my family over the Christmas break. Like many, it's been a mad year, so we're looking forward to some downtime together.

Take care, you lovely lot x

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