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Behind the Scenes at Popsy and Mama No. 2

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

An exclusive peek into what we've recently been up to at Popsy and Mama HQ.

I can't believe we're almost at the end of January. Is it me, or has this month flown by?

I admit it was a struggle getting back into the routine after a lovely break at Christmas. The school-run-madness has certainly taken some getting used to. We're already looking forward to half term so we can leisurely get dressed in the morning! What about you?

If you know the Popsy and Mama business well, you'll know I try to keep the brand as open, honest and real as I can. Running your own business can appear glamorous on the outside, however in reality there's a lot of hard work and long hours that goes into making it happen. That said, I'm always eternally grateful for the support you give me as it allows me to follow my dream of making children's clothes for a living!

When I launched my blog I wanted to keep things open and honest by showing you behind the scenes. If you missed my first Behind the Scenes post you can read it here. Now we're in January I thought I'd share another exclusive look into what I've been up to, as well as a few sneak peeks into NEW collections.

So, here it is: Behind the Scenes at Popsy and Mama No. 2!

If there's anything else you want to know about Popsy and Mama, please ask. I'd love to share.

Sam x


Behind the Scenes at Popsy and Mama No. 2

Goodbye Winter, hello Spring!

I've been working on Popsy and Mama's Spring Collection 2020 for some time now. I'm excited to say the photoshoot for the range is taking place soon so I'll be able to reveal more details within the next couple of weeks. For now, here's an exclusive peek at one of my favourite fabrics for Spring 2020, it's called "Spring Is Here Little Bear" (image below). I hope you like it!

New Spring 2020 fabric, "Spring Is Here Little Bear"

Brand Reps get together

I feel so lucky to have a wonderful group of Brand Reps who take gorgeous pictures of their little ones in Popsy and Mama clothes. We're getting together this month to talk about new collections, photography trends and all things family life. I love seeing everyone. They really are a special bunch! If you'd like to know more about being a Brand Rep feel free to drop me a line. I don't currently have spaces to fill, however there may be opportunities in the near future.

Leggings for girls

Photo credit: Brand Rep @Bramley_Apple

Popsy and Mama leggings in "A Kind Stranger" fabric

Please support WIRES with new charity print

This month I launched the NEW Koalas for WIRES fabric. The print was designed by the very talented Sammie who founded, An Abstract Space. I've pledged to donate 20% of the Koala fabric sales to the WIRES charity. WIRES rescues, cares for and releases injured, sick and orphaned, native Australian Wildlife. A worthy cause that certainly needs our help at the moment!

When I launched the fabric I also promised to donate 100% of profits made in the first seven days. With your amazing support, we raised £355 in just one week! Sammie kindly donated the money made from Popsy and Mama's sale too. I want to take this opportunity to say thank you, thank you, thank you!

WIRES charity

Koalas for WIRES charity print

"A Kind Stranger" print is the current best-seller

I knew as soon as I saw "A Kind Stranger" print I had to have it for Popsy and Mama. It seems you've all been feeling the same too! In January, I've been busy making lots of orders in the fabric. Many of you have been opting for the print to be turned into Long Sleeved Dresses and Leggings. Both look simply gorgeous!

"A Kind Stranger" print has been extremely popular!

Updating my Instagram knowledge

I believe it's important to keep learning new skills when running your own business. In January I dedicated some of my time to updating my Instagram knowledge by attending Social Marmalade's workshop. Charlotte Left, who owns Social Marmalade, has an amazing skill when it comes to social media. I'm a huge fan of her events. Do give her a follow!

Oh, and if you're wondering what's going to be big on Instagram in 2020: likes will be gone, IGTV will be huge, and authenticity will be key!

Me at Social Marmalade's Instagram workshop in Newbury

Finally, here's my mad, talkative cat!

Many of you expressed a love for my cat Lola, so I thought I'd share an update. Here she is loving life being back in the Popsy and Mama routine. While my daughter Poppy is at school, Lola likes to sleep in the room next to where I sew. Every now and then she'll pop her head in the door and offer her 'admin assistant' services!

I would like to reassure you I don't let Lola near any of your orders. I'm aware some children have allergies and we are very careful and mindful of that. I promise.

Lola loving life at Popsy and Mama HQ

Right, you've probably heard enough from me for now. If there's anything else you'd like know please get in touch. I really do love hearing from you all!

I'll be back next week with details about the most exciting places to visit in 2020.

A chilly, but sunny, family walk in January 2020

P.S. If you enjoyed reading this post, you might want to check out 'Behind the Scenes No.3' here.

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