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9 Easy World Book Day Character Ideas For 2020

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Struggling with ideas for your child's World Book Day costume? Check out these characters our Brand Reps have previously dressed up as to give you inspiration.

This year, World Book Day will be celebrated on Thursday 5 March. If your child is at nursery, pre-school or school you'll no doubt have the date in your diary already.

For the past 23 years, World Book Day (a registered charity) has made it their mission to give every child and young person a book of their own. The charity, designated by UNESCO, wants children, families and schools to celebrate authors, illustrators and books, as well as reading. In fact the charity has done so well with its mission that over 100 countries across the world take part every year.

I love books, and so does Poppy! To celebrate World Book Day 2020 Popsy and Mama has launched a new print called "Read Yourself Happy". I have to say this print makes me smile, a lot. I really hope you and your little bookworms like it.

Even though I love World Book Day, I admit when it comes to sourcing a costume for Poppy it does become a last-minute frantic job. I simply don't have much time on my hands. Thankfully, for the past few years Poppy's school has been asking children to come in their pyjamas on World Book Day. The children also take their favourite soft toy and snuggle down for story sessions in the afternoon. Poppy loves it. I do too. Pyjamas are easy!

If you and your child haven't decided what character they'll be on World Book Day yet, then my Brand Reps might just be able to help you out. They've kindly shared pictures from previous World Book Days. The characters are brilliant and certainly seem easy enough to recreate. Good luck!

9 Easy World Book Day Character Ideas For 2020

1. Paddington Bear

Easy World Book Day character ideas 2020

I'm not sure you'll meet a Paddington Bear cuter than this!

Here's the gorgeous James from @Alice_North_. James loved the Paddington Bear books the year this was taken - and still does.

The soft, cosy fabric this costume is made out of looks perfect for keeping little ones warm throughout the day too.

2. 'Tiger' from The Tiger Who Came To Tea

Easy World Book Day character ideas for 2020

This is a picture of my Poppy dressed as 'Tiger' from "The Tiger Who Came To Tea". The story has always been a favourite of Poppy's.

The outfit was one of the best we ever purchased as she wore it again and again. However, this picture was taken quite a few years ago. Poppy's now 7!

As I mentioned earlier in my post, Poppy's school celebrate World Book Day by asking the children to dress in their pyjamas and bring in their favourite soft toy. They then hold a story-time session in the afternoon. We certainly get an easy gig on World Book Day!

Poppy's favourite thing to read at the moment are the stories from The Treehouse Series. She reads them over and over. It's lovely to see.

3. 'Dragon' from Room on the Broom

Easy World Book Day character ideas for 2020

"Room on the Broom" story is no doubt a hit in many homes! Here's a picture of Jensen from @jensen_and_jaydes_adventures dressed as the 'Dragon' from the book.

The Julia Donaldson story was a favourite of Jensen's at the time, and his Mum said "he can pretty much read the whole story from memory". Cute!

The year Jensen went dressed as the Dragon to school he won 'Best Dressed' in his class. His prize was the opportunity to pick any book from the school's Book Fair. Jensen chose "The Highway Rat" which has been a story he's loved ever since.

Jensen is Disney mad at the moment and has asked to dress up as Prince Charming for World Book Day this year!

4. 'Wally' from Where's Wally

5. 'Terrible Tudor' from Horrible Histories

Easy World Book Day character ideas for 2020

If you have older children @wendy23woo has some great ideas. Here are Nathan and Amy dressed as 'Wally' from Where's Wally and a 'Terrible Tudor' from the Horrible Histories series. Their Mum confirmed they've got a lot of wear out of the Where's Wally costume over the years!

6. 'Hero Boy Christopher' from The Polar Express

Easy World Book Day character ideas for 2020

I have to say this idea has got to be a favourite of mine. It's easy to recreate and looks great. Well done @1mama_2littlehumans!

The 'Hero Boy Christopher' in this picture is actually Connor. Last year he dressed up as the main character from The Polar Express because he loves everything to do with steam trains. His character had to be something to do with trains!

Connor is going to school as a Policeman from the story "Cops and Robbers" (by Janet and Allan Ahlberg) for World Book Day this year. Have fun Connor!

7. 'Witch' from Room on the Broom

Easy World Book Day character ideas for 2020

This picture is of the lovely Lily from @becks.fin_ who last year dressed up as the 'Witch' from Julia Donaldson's "Room on the Broom".

Lily's Mummy said they choose Lily's character each year by getting out a selection of books. Lily can then choose who she'd like to dress up as from this selection. Her Mummy also said she makes sure the books she shows Lily include easy-to-recreate characters. Genius idea Mummy!

This year Lily wants to go as 'Hermione' from Harry Potter. We can't wait to see your outfit!

8. Peter Rabbit

Here's the gorgeous Lottie from @lifewith_tylerandlottie dressed up as, you've guessed it, Peter Rabbit.

This is actually Lottie's outfit for this year and I'm sure you'll agree she makes an adorable rabbit!

9. 'Gregg Heffley' from Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Easy World Book Day character ideas for 2020

Now this is the outfit for the child who doesn't like dressing up. 'Gregg Heffley' from Diary of a Wimpy Kid!

A brilliant idea from Josh (dressed as Gregg in this picture) and his step-mum Nadine who founded @theadventuresoftillyandco.

All you need to do is find a 'diary', use your artistic skills to draw Gregg's face, attach the face to a stick and voila, you have a very impressive World Book Day costume!

If these easy World Book Day character ideas are still not inspiring you, then you must check out Mumsnet's latest blog post. It has a whopping 73 easy World Book Day costume ideas for 2020. You can thank me later!


Sam x

P.S. If you're ever stuck for things to do at home with your children, check out my other 'Play and Imagination' blog posts here.

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