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5 Easy Craft Ideas for Kids

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Top craft activities for kids, from top UK craft bloggers.

Easy craft ideas for kids
Photo by Dragos Gontariu on Unsplash

No doubt the weather has put a dampener (excuse the pun) on getting outside with your little ones. Even though we have plenty of Christmas toys to keep Poppy entertained, I find having a few craft ideas up my sleeve helpful for rainy days.

Crafts for children however aren't always easy to implement. There's the preparation, the materials and not forgetting the management of the mess. I'm all for allowing children to get messy and explore, but I'm also well aware I want to protect my floors, walls and furniture too!

That's why this week I wanted to help brighten the grey days with 5 top easy craft ideas from 5 of the top UK craft bloggers.

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I'd love to hear about your favourite family craft activity too. Please share them with me by commenting below or tagging @PopsyandMama on Instagram. It would be lovely to share each others ideas to get us all through the wet and windy days!

Happy crafting!

Love Sam x




Kids Craft Room blog was founded by mum, Emma, back in 2015. Emma has three children and is an experienced primary school teacher and early years specialist. Her youngest was born profoundly deaf and has a motor skills delay and autism. She discovered art helped her son which is why she started sharing her ideas.

The Kids Craft Room blog was previously called "My Little 3 and Me" where Emma would share her crafts and family adventures. However, after gaining a huge following for her crafts, Emma decided to focus on this and launch Kids Craft Room. She hasn't looked back since!

On Emma's blog you'll find lots of wonderful activity ideas you can try with your children. There are also free templates to help making the creations that bit easier!

One of my favourites is the Spider and Fly Magnetic Chase. It comes with a free printable and doesn't seem too difficult to execute. Click on the link if you fancy giving it a go!




Red Ted Art blog was founded by Maggy who has a son known as Red Ted - hence the name! Maggy is half Australian and half Spanish and lives in the UK with her ("Englishman") husband. She loves all things arty and all things crafty and decided to share her ideas through her blog.

The blog is designed to help make craft activities super easy, by using simple materials and simple steps. I have to say I love that aspect the most about Red Ted Art. Looking through Maggy's ideas I can see many I could start doing with Poppy immediately. No prep required!

I love animals and I love the nursery rhyme "Hickory Dickory Dock", so the Paper Mouse Finger Puppet caught my eye. And I promise it is the easiest to execute. All you need is a plate (for tracing round), scissors, a glue stick and pens. I'm sure many of us have these things in our homes!

If you'd like to give the Paper Mouse Finger Puppet a go click on the link here.




Crafts on Sea blog was founded by Kate mum to two children, aged 7 and 4 (at the time of writing). Kate's family relocated from Southend to Cornwall where they now live by the sea, hence the name of her blog.

Kate loves creating craft ideas for her children and has been awarded and recognised many times for sharing her ideas with her readers. Not only has Crafts on Sea appeared in The Sunday Mirror and The Telegraph, but Kate also attended Downing Street with Mumsnet and Railway Children to discuss young people running away from home.

When reading Kate's blog the Rocking Paper Plate Crabs made me feel all nostalgic about our holidays. So, I thought why not bring some 'sunshine' to our wet days by giving them a go. The crabs are easy peasy to make and as Kate uses coloured paper, not paint, to colour the crabs, the finished design can be ready in minutes!

You can find more details about how to make the Rocking Paper Plate Crabs by clicking here.




Rainy Day Mum blog was founded by Cerys, a mum of 2. Prior to having her children, Cerys was a marine biologist and a teacher. She always thought she'd go back to work after having her children. However, after having three miscarriages, being wheelchair bound with one pregnancy, and then developing Gestational Diabetes with another, Cerys' views changed.

Reading Cerys' story bought a tear to my eye. I could relate to her 'survival mode' routine. I'm sure her words will touch many other mothers too. Cerys tells her readers about how she was living day to day in 'survival mode' with her two children. However, an incident of her toddler biting and hitting, made her realise she had to do something about her lifestyle.

Cerys set her first family goal - to do one activity per day with her toddler. She found doing crafts, while her baby was napping, an easy and enjoyable thing to do with her son. Friends and family started noticing a difference in her energy and she realised crafts were making everyone in the family more positive again.

The Rainy Day Mum blog gave Cerys a new focus and made her realise she could achieve her dreams while being a mum at the same time. The blog is packed full of easy-to-implement activities. There are so many to choose from I could spend hours browsing.

Drawing on leafs - or 'leaf art' - is something I often forget about. However, it's such an easy thing to do and children love it. That's why I've picked this out as one of my favourite crafts for kids from Rainy Day Mum.

You can view more of Cerys' Simple Leaf Craft ideas here.




Nurture Store blog was founded by Cathy who lives in the UK with her two daughters. Cathy has a degree in Art and over twenty years' experience working in education.

Cathy's aim for Nurture Store was to share activity ideas with other parents that are do-able, simple and quick. The ideas have been created to help a child's development through a child-based, play-based and arts-focused way.

Nurture Store has plenty of craft ideas, however there are maths and literacy activities too. Ideal if you have little ones preparing to go to preschool or school.

Cathy's Tea Party Puppets look super easy to make. I know Poppy will enjoy creating them and then playing with them by making up her own story or role-play scenario.

All you need is toilet rolls, glue, various bits of paper or material (whatever you can get your hands on) and pens too. Super simple!

You can find out more about making Nurture Store's Tea Party Puppets here.


P.S. If you've enjoyed reading these easy crafts for kids, you can find more ideas on my blog such as:

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